Brightgreen is celebrating our 10th anniversary of providing amazing lighting, and transforming any space into a more magical experience.

Beginning in the family garage of both CEO David O’Driscoll and COO Barry O’Driscoll, Brightgreen was founded with the brothers combined missions of building a better globe, making the best light quality in the lighting industry and removing planned obsolescence from lighting design.

Since that inception 10 years ago, we have achieved these initial goals through revolutionary design and repeated innovations. First, we achieved the highest TM30 and CRI standards in the world meaning that Brightgreen created the world's best quality light, with its next generation Tru-Colour lighting technology.

Second, by attaining B Corporation status and partaking in carbon positive manufacturing processes, we have continued to improve the quality of the globe with every new product released. And we’ve also shown confidence in our removal of planned obsolescence by providing a 7 year luminaire and 5 year driver warranty with every product purchase. As you may be aware, all of our lights have also been designed to exhibit an exceptionally high standard life of 70,000 hours.

Brightgreen is extremely proud of its lights ability to stand the test of time, along with the organisation’s ability to do so itself. To celebrate our 10th anniversary and to reinforce our mission of removing planned obsolescence, we’re extending the luminaire warranty of our remarkable lights from 7 years to 10 years, for any recent purchases.

To redeem this extension on your warranty, we’re providing a simple process for you to follow, with a simple form that can be found here.

From there, we will make contact and extend your luminaire warranty to 10 years.

D400 LN D900 LN D2000 LN


Streamline your design

Designed to compliment the clean lines of modern architecture, the Recessed Linear Collection features 3 minimalist LED downlights in varying sizes and lumen outputs to suit any space. Each fitting includes a separate digital driver, quick-fit spring clips and a low-profile pure aluminium heatsink design for a hassle-free and streamlined installation.

Maximise design efficiency

Featuring an interchangeable lens system, each luminaire in the Collection offers 10° and 40° beam angle options for unparalleled precision and design efficiency. Thanks to the controlled, directional light output and deeply recessed light source, the Collection has also been proven to drastically increases visual comfort by reducing the glare caused by light spill.

Precision control

Offering seamless integration with dimmers and leading home automation systems, each luminaire in the Recessed Linear Collection features an advanced digital driver for unmatched flicker-free, deep-dimming performance.

The ultimate toolkit

The Recessed Linear Collection provides designers with the ultimate toolkit of Tru-Colour LED downlights to wash architectural spaces with beautiful light. Each design in the Collection can be paired with its surface-mounted, pendant and track light counterparts in the Linear Series for a consistent aesthetic across your project.


D400 Linear

LED Downlight

Source Lumens: 480lm - 490lm
Delivered Lumens: 440lm - 450lm
Wattage: 8
Efficacy: 55 - 56lm/W
Gimbal Angle: N/A
Tru-Colour: YES

D900 Linear

LED Downlight

Source Lumens: 1255lm - 1280lm
Delivered Lumens: 950lm - 970lm
Wattage: 16
Efficacy: 59 - 61lm/W
Gimbal Angle: N/A
Tru-Colour: YES

D2000 Linear

LED Downlight

Source Lumens: 2510lm - 2560lm
Delivered Lumens: 2000lm - 2040lm
Wattage: 33
Efficacy: 61 - 62lm/W
Gimbal Angle: N/A
Tru-Colour: YES