D700+ fascias and filters

Creative contours

Tailor the style, colour and lighting effect of the D700+ or D900+ Curve using our interchangeable fascias. Whether you want an understated look, or an eye-catching feature, fascias provide the freedom to style and shape your lighting to better suit your design.

Endless design options

For an extra layer of customisation, filters can be paired with existing fascias to alter colour and light distribution. Try a honeycomb filter to minimise glare or an opaque diffuser for a soft, even spread of illumination. Amber, blue and green filters are also available for designers looking to add a splash of colour to interiors.

Customisation made easy

Fascias are available in silver, black and paintable white finishes, giving you the freedom to customise each luminaire to complement feature colours in your design. Heavyweight fascias are also available in a playful hot orange option and the colour of the year – marsala.