Some interesting reading came through from the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) recently, who released a report stating that the Victorian government could save $2.5 billion by upgrading the average energy efficiency rating of state housing to five stars.

The report explains that eco-retrofitting one million low-income Victorian homes could save the government 2.5 billion dollars worth of energy concessions.

There’s a little bit of politics behind it all, as prior to the 2010 state election, the Coalition promised to upgrade existing state housing to meet the five-star energy standard as soon as possible. Right now the average is still two stars.

According to further reporting from the Age, all new Victorian homes are required to meet a six-star energy rating, with about 1.46 million homes waiting for a retrofit in order to meet the five-star mark.

Regardless of whichever way you swing politically, at least the one thing everyone agrees upon is that energy efficiency leads to monetary savings.

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