At Brightgreen we specialise in lighting that enhances interiors through more than just smart, sustainable design. Yes, we create functional, stylish and efficient LEDs — but we are also proud to be engineering some of the highest quality LED lighting on the market.

Our Tru-Colour lights are designed to add value to interiors, improving the appearance of skin tones, colours and design details like wood grains and marble.

The science behind Tru-Colour

The industry standard for measuring light quality is called the Colour Rendering Index. This index incorporates 8 colours on the visible spectrum and ranks a light’s ability to represent each of the colours on a scale of 1-100. Brightgreen has extended the Colour Rendering Index to incorporate 14 key colours on the visible spectrum, with each Tru-Colour light required to score above 90 against this advanced metric.

The result?

It turns out that the extra colours represented by our lights really do make a world of difference! Everyday we hear from architects and interior designers who tell us that they only specify Brightgreen Tru-Colour products. 

The addition of the vibrant red R9 colour value has proven to be particularly crucial for giving depth to warm colours and flattering skin tones. By projecting light that is closer to the natural hue of the sun, Tru-Colour LEDs are proven to give interiors a more natural and lifelike feel.

Whether you’re building to sell or building your home, remember a place is only as good as the light you see it in!

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