Some things just never lose their charm, do they? Grandma’s recipes. Paperbacks. Vinyl records.

Even, perhaps, fart jokes?

Kidding aside, it seems in an increasingly digital age, many of us find ourselves drawn to the things that hold timeless appeal. For Brightgreen, it’s our D900 Classic. A record-winning light that elevated Brightgreen—and, in turn, Australian LEDs—to global prominence.

Story time. So, in 2009, after three years of meticulous research and development, we launched the D900 Classic. It was the world’s first LED downlight that matched the brightness of a 50W halogen while being compatible with all standard phase dimmers and more energy-efficient, too. Even though the entire world was preoccupied with FarmVille (which, in fact, also launched in 2009), it was a monumental milestone for lighting nerds everywhere.

Reinventing this champ—a light that put Brightgreen on the map—is no small feat. Yet, with our newest Classic 4.0 Collection, we’ve achieved precisely that. We’ve rebooted the D900 Classic, preserving its ageless allure while infusing it with contemporary advancements. And, in this blog, we’ll distil all the need-to-knows about these refreshed classics. Oh, and please, brace yourself, because there’s a high probability that you’ll want to aggressively dial 1300 672 499 to add these powerhouses to your home.

Need the elevator pitch? The world’s first 50W halogen-equivalent LED downlight gets modern tech. Ta-da. Now, treat your peepers to these superstars.

Back to the Future. Tru-Colour® 4 and Gen4 Flicker-Free Drivers.

What happens when you strap the world’s first 50W halogen-equivalent LED downlight to a DeLorean? Well, you get a Brightgreen D900 Classic strapped to a DeLorean.

Does this have anything to do with LEDs? Nope. Did we blend the timeless elements of the Original Classic Collection with fancy new tech? You betcha. 

Brightgreen’s new-and-oh-my-gosh-it’s-radically-improved Tru-Colour® 4 technology—the world’s highest light quality—is now integrated into the Classic 4.0 LEDs. Like the original iteration, Tru-Colour® 4 retains its unparalleled position but with world-first perfect scores for colour accuracy and natural materials. Elevating its performance further, the Gen4 Classics have been re-engineered with a high-frequency, 100,000Hz, IC-rated driver to minimise flicker dramatically. 

But—we didn’t want to go full mad scientist on the D900 Classic. We played around with the icing but kept the cake, and by cake, we mean:

  1. The halogen-like ‘sparkle’ lens with dim-to-warm Nightshift capability to keep your circadian rhythm in tippy-top condition. 
  2. A potent 900lm output with a degradation rate of 0.01% per 1,000 hours ensures longevity and consistent illumination (compared to halogens, which average a 700lm output, degrading at 10% per 1,000 hours).

Classic Proportions, Style, Smarts, and Flexibility. Beauty That’s Mathematically Proven. And Brains and Functionality to Match.

Think Bond. James Bond. To add more icing to the cake, we’ve re-engineered the D900 Classic with more style, sophistication, and smarts.

  1. Classic Proportions: Not too big and not too small. The Classic 4.0 LEDs come in two sizes based on the magical golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence—universally pleasing proportions that match most spaces. It’s the Goldilocks approach. 
  2. Classic Style: Less bulk than granny’s knitting bag. The flicker-free drivers are directly integrated into the lights, eliminating the bulk that’s common in traditional track bases. Adding to the sophisticated, sleek look, a signature chamfered base aligns with ceilings at 45-degree angles for a sculpted finish.
  1. Classic Smarts: Like your grandpa, with Wi-Fi. Easily connect to all wired and wireless home automation systems thanks to Zigbee, Dali and Phase compatibility. Your wish will be its command with app control using Apple Homekit and Google Home or voice control using Siri or Google Home. 
  2. Classically Flexible: Bend beams like Beckham. Control the light with ten beam options and a 360/36-degree pivotable constant force hinge. Shift the mood and create your chosen ambience with 6 CCTs and 100s of CCT settings (including halogen-like dim-to-warm Nightshift) and three different lumen outputs.  
  3. Fast Installation: Because your time is golden. WAGO connectors are now incorporated into the base for 10x speedier installation.

Classic Mounting Options. Stick Them Here, There, Everywhere.

It’s a smorgasbord of mounting options. From recessed to pendant, there’s something for every architectural geometry.


The bread-and-butter mounting option for that melted-into-the-ceiling, sleek look. It’s the classic, classic. 

Surface Mounted – Fixed and Adjustable

For those among us who think holes are overrated, there’s a surface-mounted option in both fixed and adjustable styles.

Track – Euro Track and H-Track

If you’re an indecisive decorator or need versatility for evolving interiors, the track mounting option is your BFF. Add, remove, move, and refocus your LEDs in a snap.


Whether you just want some dangly bits of light to up the aesthetic or need task lighting in the kitchen, pendant lights can do both.

Classic Guarantees and Classically Resilient. A Longer Shelf Life Than Vegemite. Maybe.

If you’ve stuck around since those early days, you know Brightgreen has a few enemies. There’s glare. Oh, how we hate glare. But, more relevantly, we hate planned obsolescence.

So, these champs have 285V and 3100V surge protection and are power ripple immune, all underscored by a 10-year product guarantee and local Australian support. 

The Original Classic. Reloaded. 

Want to incorporate the reimagined, refreshed, and reloaded Classic 4.0 LEDs into your home or project? Give us a call at 1300 672 499 or contact us for lighting designs, advice, and more.