Our recently released D900+ downlight offers you the opportunity to attach your choice of fascia depending on the sort of lighting effect or look that you want to achieve. But how do you choose the correct fascia for you? Today, we look at two style options – the Fineline fascia, and the opportunity to install the D900+ trimless – and the interior settings that they suit.

D900+ Trimless

Looking for a light fixture that is invisible? The core unit of the D900+ can be installed trimless without any need for a fascia, giving you seamless downlighting that is integrated with your ceiling.

The D900+ has a contoured form, allowing it to blend smoothly into the surface in which it is installed without the need for additional finishing or insulation.

The trimless option is ideal for minimal spaces, especially those that incorporate curved lines and smooth edges. This modern minimal home uses the D900+ in its trimless form so as not to detract from the colourful focal point.

D900+ Fineline

If you’re looking for something streamlined that frames your downlight but doesn’t detract from the luminaire of the D900+, the Fineline fascia is ideal.

Fineline has a slim beveled edge that sits flush against the body of the D900+ to create a pared-back look that is perfect for sophisticated office spaces, entrance halls, and lounge and kitchen areas. Here it is used to complement the reserved chrome and glass detailing in a corporate space.

Have you got a favourite fascia yet? Visit the D900+ product page to see the full range of options on offer.