Ahoy, pool & spa enthusiasts! Is your watery world feeling a tad… underlit? Like a glorious soap bubble under a moonless sky? Worry not, Brightgreen is here to burst your bubble of gloom and replace it with a bubble of zoom. With durable, rust-resistant materials and low glare optic control for nighttime comfort, when our Pool Neon Strip Lights and Pool Spotlight Superheroes combine forces, we turn pool and spa lighting into a great design hierarchy that will take your aquatic paradise to the next level. That’s right – our light don’t discriminate between the splashy fun of pools and the zen-like calm of spas.

Let’s make Poseidon Jealous

Picture this: Brightgreen has teamed up with the brilliant minds at Dow Chemical to conjure up a superhero-worthy material called SILASTIC™ ET-7021 silicone rubber. This magical substance takes durability to new depths, allowing our lights to fearlessly navigate the salty seas and withstand the fiery attacks of chlorine acid, alkalis, and UV rays. And to top it all off, our spotlights are crafted from the superhero of alloys 316L Marine-Grade Stainless Steel, giving them the strength to laugh at corrosion and send rust packing. With a solid 5-year warranty, you can enjoy your illuminated oasis without worrying about pesky light failures. It’s like having an invincible army guarding your luminous realm!

Now, let’s talk about this design hierarchy. In the grand scheme of things, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between the strip lights and spotlights. You want to create a seamless transition from one to the other, ensuring that every nook and cranny is illuminated in just the right way. It’s like putting together a puzzle, where each piece plays its part in creating a masterpiece. You want to make sure that the strip lights and spotlights work together harmoniously, creating a cohesive lighting design that is both functional and visually stunning.

Alright, my fellow pool lovers and nighttime swimmers, let’s dive right in – pun completely intended – to the exciting world of our Neon Strip Pool and Spa Lights.

Uninterrupted Pool Party: Say Goodbye to Ugly Dots & Dark Corners!

Nobody wants their pool or spa party ruined by unsightly dots scattered across their neon display or those unilluminated corners. With a 150mm bend radius, these lights elegantly illuminate every nook and cranny, as if synchronized swimmers were performing in your pool.

And hold on tight, because we’re not done yet! Our Neon Strip Pool and Spa Lights take it a step further. These sleek neon-style strips leave no room for unsightly dots, ensuring a visually uninterrupted show. So go ahead, don your finest swimsuit, pump up the music, and experience the smooth glow of uninterrupted neon light, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Low Glare Optic Control for Nighttime Comfort

We know how important it is to strike a balance between ambience and functionality. That’s why we’ve equipped our lights with low glare optic control, so you can bask in the beauty of the illuminated waters without straining your eyeballs. It’s all about that comfortable viewing experience, even when you’re doing cannonballs under the moonlight.

Wide Beam Delight—Unleash the Glow!

The Neon Strip Pool Lights provide more than just a mere flicker of illumination. With their wide beam, they offer excellent pool coverage, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your aquatic paradise is bathed in mesmerizing light. So, whether you’re doing laps or simply floating on your oversized inflatable flamingo, you’ll be surrounded by a sea of radiant delight.

Targeted CCT Options—Colors That Truly Pop!  AND RGB

We’ve unlocked a secret formula to make your blue pool or spa look even more dazzling – and no, it doesn’t involve hiring a singing mermaid (although that would be pretty cool). With targeted CCT options at 4200k or 6000k, our Neon Strip Pool and Spa Lights bring out the color in blue pools while making people look fabulous, without any pesky blue tinge. It’s like adding a touch of magic with every dip!

Tailor-made Illumination—Custom Cut Lengths and IP68 Seal

No two pools are the same, and we celebrate the uniqueness of yours! That’s why our Neon Strip Pool Lights offer custom cut lengths, allowing you to tailor the illumination to suit your needs perfectly. Plus, they come pre-sealed for IP68 protection, ensuring flawless performance even underwater. Fast installation and peace of mind—now that’s a winning combination!

Exceeding Cable Length Expectations—Control up to 20m Away!

Does your pool party require some serious cable length to ensure your light control dominance? Our Neon Strip Pool Lights have got you covered! With custom cable lengths available, you can revel in the freedom of controlling your illuminating extravaganza from up to 20 meters away. So, leave the poolside chair behind and channel your inner pool-light maestro.

Alright, jazz hands for our Pool Neon Strip Lights – they’ve had their moment in the sun (or under the moonlit swim, to be exact). But now, move over strips, it’s time to shine the spotlight on, well, the Spotlights! That’s right, just when you thought your aqua dance floor couldn’t get any groovier, our Pool Spotlight Superheroes are ready to leap into the limelight.

The Aquatic Defender: Meet Your Lights’ BFF (Best Fittings Friend)

Don’t even think about forgetting the cable gland! The cable gland is that trusty sidekick keeping things watertight for our lights. It’s like the BFF (Best Fittings Friend) making sure water stays out of the cables. They’re so cool, with a laid-back water-cooling system that’s as chill as a snowman in winter. And get this – they’ve got an in-built overheat system that kicks in like a superhero, shutting down to keep everything safe and sound. Not only do they keep their cool like a cucumber, but they also allow water to flow around their housing, giving them that extra boost for peak performance and a longer lifespan.

One Size? Please. We’ve Got Five

Because when have you ever said, “I wish I had fewer options”? With a quintet of sizes, adapting to your pool or spa’s needs is like picking your favorite ice cream flavor – a little tough, but oh-so-delightful.

Ready to dive into the dazzling world of Brightgreen? With expert lighting design services that are both sustainable and stylish, let’s make your illuminated oasis dreams a reality. Contact us today and let’s light it up!