What do you get when you mix a bunch of fruity drinks, a hangry herd of lighting nerds, and an imminent product release? All on a Monday afternoon.

We found out this week. Two words. Thirteen letters. Fruity Lights. Weow.

There’s a change afoot this year in the interior design cosmos—colours are making a comeback. So, taking cues from this chromatic comeback story we’ve handpicked a selection of fruity colours and splashed them onto our wall and pendant lights. Unsurprisingly, our lights have a bunch of flavourful names, too. (Note to self: Combine hangry light lovers and fruity drinks more often.)

Think strawberry yoghurt. Think Aperol orange. Think seafoam. Think cobalt blue. (Apparently, these too are drinks.) And of course, there’s always that one colleague. You know, the one that’s been on mute for the entire meeting, cooking breakfast and pretending to listen. When it was her turn, she spurted out the name of her dish soap—ultra marine.

Mop up your drool and dig into this mouthwatering article containing handy visuals as inspiration for how you could add fruity flavour to your interiors. Less an article. More a vision board. It’s the renaissance of coloured lights.

Let’s Get Fruity

You can use the following images as the muse for your next project.

As you look at these pretty pictures, your mind might somersault with excitement. You might also start wondering whether there’s a method to the magnificent (images). There certainly is. And so, our learned lighting-counsellor, Nate, has scattered questions throughout this article—things you should ask yourself when picking out your coloured lights.

Ready. Set. Bulbs.

Q1: What materials and palettes are present in your space?

Light: SH44 Linear Light

You could use colours that add contrast to or pair well with certain hues. You could also use colours that reference existing materials or hues in your space or within the surrounding environment. The intention is to create cohesion within the space whereby all elements in a room are in perfect harmony.

Light: SH44 Linear Light
Colour: Cobalt Blue
Pair: Concrete, stone, white, onyx, black frames, and white terrazzo
Feeling: Coastal. Like sitting on the beach with sand between your toes.

Q2: What feeling or mood are you trying to create within your space?

Light: P16 Linear Pendant Light

Do you want to feel unhurried and relaxed, or do you want to feel energetic and exuberant?

Light: P16 Linear Pendant Light
Colour: Mint Raita
Pair: Stones, lighter woods, black frames, white walls, black marble, and concrete

Q3: What activity will take place in your space?

Light: P16 Linear Pendant Light

Ask yourself this question at the same time as number two. It’s simple, but certain activities require colours that promote relaxation and others that amplify energy levels.

Light: P16 Linear Pendant Light
Colour: Lemon Butter
Pair: Yellow wooden floors
Feeling: Fresh, clean, and energetic. Like the exhilaration and euphoria of talking to your best friend.

Q4: What memory are you trying to recreate?

SH44 Linear Wall Light

This question is special. You should think about where you want to teleport when you enter your space. Is it that childhood holiday on a Mediterranean beach? Is it that first week of July spent in the wilderness, returning to your roots?

Light: SH44 Linear Wall Light
Colour: Aperol Orange
Pair: Natural earthy tones, terracotta, and brass

Q5: What’s your favourite colour?

Light: WSX Curve Wall Light

This one’s obvious, but sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether the materials match or whether there’s a moment you want to recreate. You just want your favourite colour on the wall. And you know what? That’s totally rad.

Light: WSX Curve Wall Light
Colour: Sea Foam

Q6: How’s your day?

Light: P16 Linear Pendant Light and SH44 Linear Wall Light

We’re seriously just running out of ideas for questions.

Light: P16 Linear Pendant Light and SH44 Linear Wall Light
Colour: Ultra Marine

Q7: Do you like wine?

P16 Linear Pendant Light

We’ve totally run out of questions. And Nate’s just making small talk at this point.

Light: P16 Linear Pendant Light
Colour: Chambord Red