Brightgreen LEDs are world-famous for their light quality. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better, especially when Brightgreen produces LEDs with the world’s highest light quality.

Yes, you heard that right, folks. 

It’s no surprise that Maitri Fischer at Eco-Matra Engineering asked Brightgreen to add the pizzazz of world-class, automated lighting to Alexis Dornier’s island paradise. Sequestered in a picturesque part of Lombok, Indonesia, the residential villa was the perfect canvas on which Brightgreen could splash its Tru-Colour® magic. 

Bauman applauds the Brightgreen designers for their lighting design expertise and their focus on the granular details for the project. And he raves about how smooth the customer journey was and how easy it was to work with the Brightgreen team:

We engaged Brightgreen to create a lighting design for this Alexis Dornier designed project in Lombok, Indonesia. The service was collaborative, fast and the result is fantastic.

Brightgreen’s lighting design includes a mixture of their signature, carbon-neutral strip lights and outdoor wall lights—adding layers of lighting to accentuate the property’s unique architectural curves and to spotlight its undulating feel. But it’s in the interior that Brightgreen’s Tru-Colour® technology took centre stage within the Lombok House, where the luxury island villa is laden with wooden details. 

With its Tru-Colour® technology at the helm, Brightgreen LEDs are engineered to reproduce more colours on the visible colour spectrum than any other light, receiving off-the-chart scores across all industry metrics. Tru-Colour® LEDs have a 98+ CRI on the extended CRI scale and the purest red on the market, which means woods appear deep, vibrant, and natural. 

While the project is still under development, it’s indisputable that using Tru-Colour® LEDs within the interior will create depth and detail to make this Indonesian nirvana sparkle—especially when combined with their flicker-free technology.

With Brightgreen’s ‘Bring It To Life’ campaign in full swing this year, the Melbourne lighting outfit is shifting its focus beyond world-class lighting. They’re building bleeding-edge, technology that will bring spaces, places, and people to life. Brightgreen explains that it’s a potent mix of the world’s highest light quality—Tru-Colour®—and automation technology. 

The story checks out. Brightgreen really does make world-class lighting a reality for, well, the world. And you too can get top-notch lighting-design services for your next project. Get in touch with Brightgreen’s lighting experts now.