How To Rethink Lighting Techniques and Layouts With the Almighty Mini Collection

It’s finally time to shake things up. To put pineapple on your pizza. To knit a sweater for your pet snail. And to live a little dangerously with your lighting layouts. Or, dare we say, asymmetrically

Welcome to the MINI revolution—where the tiny meets the mighty. 

With Brightgreen’s MINI Collection, you can shatter the mould of conventional lighting layouts and embrace design versatility.

These tiny LED lights disappear into your architecture—
ceilings, walls, floors, and beyond—giving you the freedom to
subtly spotlight anything (without the restrictive alignment
requirements of traditional lighting).

And thanks to cutting-edge technology, these miniaturised lights boast the same exceptional output, unparalleled light quality (Tru-Colour®), and durability as their larger counterparts.

So, are you ready to join the lighting revolution, you lighting rebels, you? Read on. 

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Defy Conventional Lighting Layouts

Lighting layouts are usually all about symmetry and linearity. Why? Because traditional, bulky fixtures are visible, and a predictable pattern provides a polished aesthetic. (And, well, hallway lights spaced neatly in a line prevent us from knocking into our life-sized cardboard cutout of Ed Sheeran.)

With Brightgreen’s MINI downlights, you can finally place light where needed rather than sticking to a linear grid because, unlike conventional downlights, these disappear. The MINI LEDs are designed to dissolve into your ceilings, camouflaging within the architectural elements. This way, you can highlight features like artwork and furniture without being confined by traditional lighting rules. See how.

Seeing is Believing: DIALux Simulation

We get it; seeing is believing—even if a computer can now generate a picture of the pontiff in a puffer jacket.

So, here’s a DIALux lighting simulation that compares a standard lighting layout with one that uses the MINI range, placed sparingly and only at mandatory locations. The result? 


The non-linear, feature-spotlighting layout achieves the same lighting/lux levels as the traditional linear layout. That means you can achieve the perfect balance of light and design without being tied down by larger lights or a grid-like lighting layout.

*For those unfamiliar with DIALux, it’s software used by our lighting designers to plan, visualise, and simulate lighting projects in different lighting configurations and compare their overall impact on your space. It allows us to fine-tune our designs (which are complimentary, by the way!) before implementing them, ensuring the optimal outcome for your area. Think of it as a crystal ball for lighting design. 

Looking for visual inspo? Feast your eyes on these stunning shots, showcasing the versatility of the MINI Collection. It’s all about blending in while making a statement. Bada bing, bada boom. 

Recessed Mini Downlights

Our miniature, trimless recessed downlights blend seamlessly into the backdrop, providing focused illumination on your fixed features without drawing attention to themselves.

Teeny Track Lights

Ideal for illuminating the ever-changing elements of your space, our tiny track lights can glide and adjust as your space evolves. 

Pint-sized Pendant Lights

Achieve a laser-focused “pool of light” with zero light spill with our petite pendant lights—precise light projection for a clean, unobtrusive look.

Small Surface Lights

When two is better than one. Ideally installed as a duo, our small surface lights collaborate to produce well-balanced illumination, amplifying the environment.

Experience Freedom: Pure Power. Pure Mini. Pure Freedom.

Ready to break free from the constraints of traditional lighting layouts? Explore the MINI Collection and transform your space with these tiny, mighty LEDs that’ll have you wondering where your lights went. 

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