Get Up and Go with Smart Lighting

Did you notice the end of daylight savings creeping up on you? It’s not far off now. Clocks get set back Sunday, April 4th, and the annual struggle of how to wake up early in winter begins again.

You can read all the tips on how to wake up early in the morning, but the easiest solution to getting your tookus out of bed in the a.m. is light. Yep, light.

You could exercise, eat better, go to bed earlier, meditate, and just generally be one with yourself. Those are all good and valid ways to combat difficulty waking up in the morning, but…they also take a lot of work. You know what doesn’t take a lot of work? Setting your smart lighting up and forgetting about it.

You’ve Got Circadian Rhythm with Circadian Lighting

All right, so this all comes back to your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Essentially, light signals to your body through photoreceptors in your eyeballs when you should and should not (due to the evolutionary likelihood that things will eat you in the dark) be up and about.

This is all done through melatonin production. When there’s light, the body cuts that production off. But when there’s not…it’s roofie via sleep hormone time.

Wake Up with the Sun Sun-Like Smart Lighting

There’s a finesse to this though. It’s not, boom, spotlight, and you feel like you’re the star of The Truman Show. There needs to be a natural progression, like dawn in your bedroom.

Day Shift (what we call this smart lighting feature at Brightgreen) uses a variable CCT of 2700k to 6000k to slowly wake you up and make you feel more alert. The gradual increase of lighting intensity and colour temperature wakes you up in a natural (no blaring alarm) manner. Boring, right? Your morning could probably use some boring.

And Then There Was Light

So let’s set the scene. There you are in the dark, snuffling into your pillow with a sleep apnea induced snore, dreaming of chasing rabbits. Your foot’s giving that little kick, and a low glow begins to light the room. It’s like the sun rising over the horizon. Suddenly you’re on a dewy meadow as that sunlight slowly warms your skin. The light becomes brighter, and you wake to a peaceful dawn-filled room. A harmony starts playing, and you seize the day. The end.

Yep, it’ll happen just like that. By the way, Day Shift is available in our full smart light range, so you can choose the lighting style that suits your space: downlights (the D700+ is a crowd favourite), pendants, wall lights, and more. Check the collection here and consider your “how to get up early” quandary sorted. Winter mornings have nothing on you.