Winter is in full swing again, and for most of you, that means you’re having one-too-many water-cooler conversations with your colleagues about how endlessly dark it is, how wet it is, and how cold it is. But, Karen from Accounting is not wrong—winter does make you want to speak to the manager of mother earth and complain about the gloom and doom. How do you fix it, though? 

Are you feeling the winter blues?

If you feel like you’re in a funk and struggling to get up in the morning right now, you’re not alone. In winter, the sun rises later and sets earlier (due to the earth’s tilt), which means shorter days and longer nights.

Unsurprisingly, light and your mood are interconnected. For example, low levels of natural, melanopic light during the winter months lead to a lack of focus, general lethargy, and disruption of your circadian rhythm. Basically, light helps regulate your body’s internal clock—telling it when to wake up and when to doze off, by controlling your body’s melatonin production.

And when many of us start and finish work in the dark, and others emotionally transform into hibernating grizzly bears—staying indoors and hoarding snacks—your circadian rhythm goes into a funk, and your mood joins the ride. It can even lead to a more extreme condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Wipe away your winter blues

At Brightgreen, we’re all about using zero-effort solutions to maximise your energy and output. So, you could have a cold shower, eat better, meditate, and exercise to improve your winter blues, or you could try Day Shift. It’s the fancy name we give to our human-centric LEDs, which are the first and only responsive circadian lighting controls on the market.

Day Shift dynamically transitions light intensity and colour temperature (CCT) throughout your day to match your natural sleep-wake cycle. So, you’ll receive low brightness and CCT (3000K) to gently ease you awake, followed by a CCT that matches the sun (6000K) for high levels of

melanopic lux and energy. And, when you’re ready to clock off, the CCT will gradually fade to a cosy 2700K for a good night’s sleep.

Are you ready to wipe away your winter blues? Call us at 1300 672 499 or get in touch to give Day Shift a try.