Learn How To Easily Switch Up Your Lighting Layouts

Last week we launched our hotly-anticipated snap track lights. If by hotly-anticipated, you mean Ron at Brightgreen was hotly anticipating the chance to tell everyone to “go snap themselves”.

But, in case you’ve been busy reading about other important stuff—like that guy who threw cake at the Mona Lisa—you can learn about Ron’s favourite ceiling lights here. Basically, they’re the best thing since giant tubs of hummus (if you ask Ron).

In part two of our series on these rockstars, we’ll shed some light on all their different applications—from your rumpus or living room to your kitchen or restaurant. And, yes, if you’re wondering, they do like to move it, move it, like the shameless lemurs in Madagascar:

They like to move it, move it

Do you like dancing in underpants like Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Well, these ceiling lights love a bit of a boogie, too.

While conventional LEDs (think downlights) are frozen into your ceilings, Brightgreen’s next-gen snap track lights are made to move it, move it. Accompanied by a robust magnetic track and mighty mechanical fixings, these champs can be added, removed, moved, or refocused by anyone—anytime.

So, if you’re a specifier responsible for matching furniture with lighting layouts (or any kind of indecisive decorator, for that matter), it’s time to do the macarena. You no longer need to stress about trying to solve a lighting-layout puzzle. Instead, using snap track lights, you can easily tweak your lighting layouts and switch your LEDs to suit your ever-evolving interiors. And, when it comes to residential spaces—especially those with open architectural layouts—these all-stars take convenience to a new level.

All the spaces, all the places

Unlike Colonel Sanders, there’s no secret recipe to success. With an enormous, finger-licking range of lights and lighting techniques, you can use these track lights in all the spaces and all the places. Stay tuned and be inspired.


It’s Picasso for one week. And Banksy’s distant cousin the next. So slide your spotlights along the sleek track, and use the 360°/90° to direct your light beams.

Retail Store

Your store layout can’t keep up with the constantly rotating stock. You need to switch lighting layouts in a snap.

Go for the buffet option, and choose all the track lights to flood, wash, and spot as you please. Give your products a glowy appearance, and make your customers feel revitalised as they browse your store.

Master Bedroom

You’ve just painted a textured feature wall behind your bed. You’re eager to prove to your housemate that it’s the colour of Byron Bay’s beaches and not just beige.

Choose some linear track lights that’ll recess entirely into the track and dissolve into your ceilings. And wash your walls with soft, indirect light.

Home Office

You’ve finally bought a floating desk that’s built into your clean, ivory walls—just like you’d imagined for distraction-free outputs. You want an LED that’s both indirect and direct. You want a light that makes your walls glow, your desk pop, and helps you feel energised all at once.

Snap in some pencil-thin wall washers and ambient lights with circadian lighting (Dayshift). They’ll boost your mood, add elegant backlighting to your monitors, and create the perfect lighting environment to smash your day.


You want your food to look so delicious that your avocados grow mouths so they can drool. So hit the spot with pendant track lights featuring the world’s highest light quality (Tru-Colour®) to make your food look Michelin-star worthy.

Living Room

You finally get the keys to your new place, but your extra-comfy, vegan leather hypoallergenic couch isn’t arriving for another six months. So, you find a temporary 12-seater on a hard rubbish day. Unfortunately, it only fits awkwardly in the centre of your living room without any LEDs.

Thank hummus, you listened to your superstar specifier and installed snap tracks through your living room. Boom. You just snap in a few spotlights and are on your way. Skip fixed lighting for DIY convenience.

It’s time you move it, move it

Are you feeling inspired? Meet our newest rockstars here, call us at 1300 672 499 or get in touch to score our most adjustable lights ever.