LED Hide and Seek 101: How To Hide (And Use) Your Concealed Strip Lighting

In case you missed it, because, you know, you’ve been busy braiding toilet paper, we launched our brand-spanking-new hidden strip lighting. You can learn all about them here.

Now, the important stuff—hide and seek. It’s being a kid 101, right? All you need is two people. Or, if you’re really forgetful, your favourite toy, and 45 minutes to 1 hour of distraction (until you’ve ‘misplaced’ it). Unfortunately, playing hide and seek as a grown-up is frowned upon in some circles, which is why we created concealed strip lighting.

Okay, not really.

But, you can easily hide these LEDs in your floors, walls, ceilings, skirting boards, and other nooks and crannies to spotlight your interiors and exteriors. And in this short, sharp, sassy write-up, we give you the lowdown on using these sneaky, stealthy illuminators.

To make things extra stealthy, we recommend dressing up as Catwoman while reading this guide.

Peek-a-boo LEDs

To recap quickly, our hidden strip lighting is the best, and you should forget the rest. Unlike the rest of the market, this coving lighting is stealthy, powerful, and a breeze to install.

You won’t need any tape, they won’t delaminate and fall apart, and they’re scissor-cuttable (within 50mm). Installation is quick, easy, and compatible with several plasterboard thicknesses. What’s more, you can tuck these rock stars anywhere thanks to an IP67 rating that makes them waterproof, dustproof, and apocalypse-proof.

How to use your Hidden Strip Lighting

While buying $4 “hidden” strip lights from your servo might seem like a bright idea, you’re probably going to have a bad time. Installing conventional concealed strip lights is a pain in the proverbial.

We might be biassed, but we strongly recommend using our concealed strip LEDs. With multiple different configurations available, the applications are endless—from roofs and floors to your loo and bedroom.

Here’s how you can use your hidden strip lighting.

Roof Washer

It might seem like we’re talking about seals in yellow overalls, high-pressure washing your roof. But—we are not. Instead, we mean uplighting using hidden strip LEDs:

Adding coving lighting to your ceilings creates depth in your space, making it feel larger. If you’ve only got one central fixture, roof washing with your hidden strip LEDs can also spread light to every corner of your room.

And if you have tantalising tray ceilings, charming coffered ceilings, or luxuriant cathedral ceilings, you can finally give those babies the limelight they deserve.

Wall Washer

Again, we don’t mean getting out the yellow gloves, ShamWow!, and vinegar and going to town on your walls. That’s for Friday nights.

Wall washing is one of the easiest ways to elevate your spaces and give your wall’s surface an elegant ambient glow. Use it for shadow puppets or accent lighting for your Picassos, too.

Floor Washer (Orientation Lighting)

Now we definitely don’t mean mopping your floors. (But, seriously, how good are those Dyson Steam Mops?)

Tucking these champs into your skirting board creates a charming vignette around your walls and floors. Or conceal these LEDs underneath your stairs to light the path towards your bedroom.

It’s soft indirect lighting that’ll make your stairs look like they’re floating and stop your body from face planting.

Task Lighting

Simple. Effective. Stick them under your cabinets and illuminate your splashbacks while you cook up a Michelin-star-worthy meal. Bam! Concealed kitchen lighting.

Or nestle them behind your mirrors to give your face a general glow while you apply lipstick to your eyebrows. Boom! Hidden bathroom lighting.

Orientation Lighting

Also simple, effective, and does what’s on the box—stopping you from tripping over. Take things to the floor by concealing these LEDs underneath your stairs.

It’s soft indirect lighting that’ll make your stairs look like they’re floating and stop your body from face planting. Here we used a Hidden Wash Recessed to point light where its needed only, the next step.

Display Lighting

Do you have a collection of Penfolds Granges that you want to rub in your guests’ faces? Do you have an assembly of moisturisers in your bathroom worth more than a baby panda? 

Show everyone you’re better than them and fasten these secretly under your shelves to display your most prized possessions. 

Mood Lighting

Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Going to bed and sticking your nose in a steamy chapter of 50 Shades of Green will have never felt as fancy.

Trace the borders of your bedroom wall nooks to up the mood, or install them underneath your bed to scare away the monsters.

Outdoor Lighting

Keep the party pumping in the backyard. An IP67 rating means you can embed these superstars into your walls and floors before pouring the concrete. 

And with so many textured surfaces available in an outdoor setting, you can wildly wash every surface to your heart’s content.

Wash away in secret

That’s all, folks! So if you’re ready to play LED hide and seek, meet these nifty vanishing LEDs and start (secretly) washing your interiors and exteriors with insane light quality. Call us at 1300 672 499 or message us to get yours.