What do rocket-powered snails, Usain Bolt’s dreams and Brightgreen’s brand-new website have in common? 

They’re all astonishingly fast. (And maybe a smidgen adorable, too?)

We asked, you answered, and we listened. 

Last year, we quizzed you for some feedback on our website. Overall, you loved it—from the fun visuals to the quirky marketing. But you also felt that using it was like solving a Rubik’s cube, on a unicycle, while being chased by a dozen dwarf dinosaurs. 

And we agreed. A lot was going on. 

To streamline your workflow and maximise creative-juice flow, we’ve given Brightgreen.com a much-needed makeover. We’ve designed a website (completely in-house) that’s so simple and easy to use that even a neanderthal could whip up a lighting design (if they had the internet back then). There are no more tangled workflows or head-scratching trying to figure out where to click. 

It’s crisp, intuitive, and perhaps beautiful enough to make The Rock cry (tears of joy). And here are all the nifty new features you can explore right now (because, you know, you’re probably reading this on Brightgreen.com 2.0 anyway).

But First, Why This Design?

When brainstorming different ideas, we aimed to build a platform catering to multiple workflows and every stage of your specification journey. So whether you’re looking for inspiration, browsing hundreds of carbon-neutral products, or wanting to get into the technical nitty-gritty, it’s all now possible.

You can start by browsing our pretty lights or viewing the beautiful application shots—filtering and searching to your heart’s content. You can then delve into the details and download whatever images and files you need. And finally, with just a few clicks, you can request a lighting design from our team.

It’s never been easier. (Unlike trying to do a puzzle with your feet.) 

Get Filtering And Searching. Like a Pro.

The biggest challenge you encountered with Brightgreen.com 1.0 was its usability—searching, filtering, and navigation were like being trapped on the set of Inception

Now, it’s filter-and-search galore.

Browse by Light, Application or Beam

With our new sidebar, you can zero in on your perfect product by filtering for specifications like the light type, application, beam simulation, light quality, IP and IK ratings, UGR, and much more. And, with our lightning-fast search function, you can find any product—be it downlights, strip lights, pendant lights, or wall lights—directly from the homepage, saving your valuable click-energy for things that matter more.

Plus, you’ll see gorgeous images of the LEDs in their full glory—so you can better understand what you’re looking for and how to use these products to create stunning environments. And let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to look at pretty lights without thinking too much, like staring at a lava lamp.

Get Inspired 

Swish, plain pictures of LED fixtures have their merits, but they won’t show you how the lights look in action.

So, to inspire you, we’ve added an application shot and beam views in the product browser that displays our lights doing their thang in hundreds of settings—from bathrooms and kitchens to bedrooms and backyards.

Because seeing lights in a stunning bathroom can get your creative juices flowing, or you know, make you daydream about taking a bubble bath. 

You can easily download all the images for a product or just a selection for your presentation, moodboard or lookbook.

You’ll also find case studies, stories, and articles to help interpret the technical mumbo-jumbo behind these LEDs and understand how Brightgreen’s lighting products can bring your spaces to life.

Get Into The Nitty-Gritty

We’ve got you covered for all the nitty-gritty details, too. Here, you’ll be able to get all the information to make an informed decision about any light. Does it have enough lumens? What’s its power usage? Can it withstand a zombie apocalypse or a toddler’s curious fingers? 

Get It Downloaded

You can now easily choose and download the files needed for your project—images, datasheets, CAD files of the lights you love—to have them on hand for reference. (Or if you want to photoshop it onto a picture of your cat or possum.)

Get It Designed

To many of us—even experts—starting anything substantial or complex (like a lighting design) can sometimes feel like standing at the edge of a high-diving board. While we haven’t quite managed to remedy procrastination, we’ve made the first lighting design steps and specifying a breeze.

With our ‘My Project’ feature, you can easily add and download lighting products to your project, allowing you to keep track of your preferences and effortlessly progress with your lighting design or specification. Sharing your project and lighting selections to anyone will be breeze by conveniently clicking on the share button.

Get Inspired. Get It Designed. Get It Done!

Once you’ve picked all your favourite lights, you can instantly request a lighting design or a quotation with just a few clicks. Our team will be in touch to help get your project started. 

Ready to jump in? Play with all the new features, get inspired, get it designed, and get it done!

A great lighting design makes everything look better. All whilst using the least amount of lights possible.

Fill out the form and we will be in touch to understand your needs and connect you with the right lighting designer from our network of experts.

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