We’ve discussed before on this blog about how important it is to choose lighting with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) if you want your interiors to look their best.


Now our D900 v1.5 comes with TruColour 95 CRI, which means that it illuminates colours extremely well. It allows the eye to pick up the slightest variations in colour so that every detail appears sharper and more vibrant. And this doesn’t just make your furniture and fittings look good – it makes you look good too.

Because it’s so close to natural sunlight, 95 CRI lighting is far more flattering to skin tones as our Megan has helpfully demonstrated above. The standard LED (80 CRI) makes her look washed out. Under the higher CRI light she looks much more like her usual peppy self. So make sure you do yourself a favour and check the CRI before you buy.