• Elevating the world’s highest light quality to new peaks, Tru-Colour® 4 achieves a world-first, securing perfect ‘100/100’ scores in colour accuracy (TM30 Rg) and natural materials (CRI R9). Natural sunlight has finally met its match. 
  • B Corporation Brightgreen marks a new era in lighting, unveiling its Plus 4.0 Downlight Collection—a celebration of innovation featuring Tru-Colour® 4 technology.
  • Every component, lens, and chip has been reimagined from the ground up in Brightgreen’s Melbourne studio, underlining the company’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and endurance, backed by a 10-year extended failure guarantee.
  • The collection boasts 11 styles, varied beam angles, multiple CCTs, and hundreds of custom fascia colours, epitomising a seamless fusion of technological sophistication, design ingenuity, and creative freedom.

Meet Brightgreen’s Plus 4.0 Collection with Tru-Colour® 4: It’s a Plus. It’s #1.

Brightgreen’s Magnum Opus in Illumination: Introducing the Plus 4.0 Collection with Tru-Colour® 4

Finally, perfect light quality is no longer a dream—it’s here. Australian B Corporation Brightgreen is the first-ever lighting designer to achieve 100/100 scores in colour accuracy (TM30 Rg) and natural materials (CRI R9). 

Natural sunlight has met its match. 

For years, Brightgreen has been recognised for embodying world-class innovation. First, Brightgreen created the world’s first 50W halogen-equivalent LED downlight. Then, unwilling to rest on their laurels, they introduced Tru-Colour® just two years later, which was and still is, the world’s highest light quality. In 2023, the award-winning innovators have pushed the boundaries yet again with their Plus 4.0 Downlight Collection, now enhanced with Tru-Colour® 4.

After a rigorous three-and-a-half-year development period, every facet, from lens to chip, has been reinvented to deliver Brightgreen’s magnum opus in illumination: the Plus 4.0 Downlight Collection with Tru-Colour® 4. Brightgreen has unquestionably set a new global benchmark for the lighting industry, even surpassing the quality of natural sunlight in Australia—the sun only scored a 98 CRI R9.

But Tru-Colour® 4 isn’t the only star. The Plus 4.0 Downlights blend technological advancement with aesthetic versatility. Stepping beyond unparalleled light quality, Brightgreen’s latest collection has been completely redesigned to empower creative expression with an array of distinct styles, beam angles, CCTs, and custom fascia colours, culminating in over 10,000 unique LED combinations.

Perfect light quality awaits. Delve into the Plus 4.0 Downlights and see how Tru-Colour® 4 can transform your spaces.

The Many Sides of the Plus 4.0 Collection and Tru-Colour® 4

Hinted as the most advanced downlight system, Brightgreen’s Plus 4.0 Collection with Tru-Colour® 4 introduces a variety of beams, styles, outputs, CCTs and control types—all thoughtfully designed to bring your world to life.

Developed with insights from architects, Brightgreen’s Plus 4.0 Downlights marry swoon-worthy aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. The collection offers 11 timeless styles, painted-to-order fascias, 10 beam angles with 100% omni-gimballing, and 6 CCTs (100s of CCT settings). Eliminating reflectors, the downlights also boast advanced optical-grade polymer lenses that eliminate light degradation and colour shift issues, ensuring lossless light quality. While creative expression is at the core of its newest LEDs, Brightgreen has retained the minimalism of its original Plus Collection, introducing 10% thinner edges, 10% wider optics, and 100% clear optics. 

Craving more insights on these groundbreaking downlights and technology? Peek under the hood here. Brightgreen unravels the secrets behind the Plus 4.0 Collection and Tru-Colour® 4.

Sculpt the Light Like No Other Downlight

From trimless and puck forms to elliptical and wall-washing beams, Brightgreen’s Plus 4.0 Collection features a variety of options to match every type of interior. 

Trimless Downlights

Brightgreen’s Plus 4.0 Trimless Downlights redefine subtlety. Designed to be plastered in, they merge seamlessly with the architecture, delivering understated yet sophisticated illumination for any space.

Soft Downlights

We hear these are the downlight equivalent of a hug and are tailored for general use. The B Corp’s Soft Downlights sport a softly curved surface with an even gentler light gradient, ensuring uninterrupted integration into your ceilings.

Offset (Wall Washer) Downlights

Wash walls with a smooth, subtle, low-glare layer of light with Brightgreen’s Offset Downlights, ensuring an elegant ambience without unwanted glare. They’re ideal for halls, bedrooms, living room peripheries, foyers, feature walls, and highlighting artworks.

Portal Downlights

Achieve precision-focused, ultra-low glare illumination by combining tight beam angles with Brightgreen’s Portal Downlights in glare-prone areas, like bedrooms, hospitality settings, and galleries.

Sharp Downlights

Get a crisp highlight that transitions effortlessly into a ceiling with their Sharp Downlights, offering a sleek, angled outer edge with a 45-degree chamfer—perfect for modern, sharper interiors. 

Flat Downlights

Capture a clean aesthetic with Brightgreen’s Flat Downlights, which feature a flush face and defined edges that align neatly with the ceiling.

Cube Downlights

For spaces demanding geometric precision, the Cube Downlights provide that sharp square look. These downlights accentuate linear lines, enhancing the symmetry of any room.

Slice Downlights

With their slim, surface-mounted, curved, and tapered design, the ever-versatile Slice Downlights spotlight specific areas—like above kitchen counters.

Wedge Downlights

Like its less chunky cousin (the Slice), Brightgreen’s Wedge Downlights bring a bold linear aesthetic to spaces.

Puck Downlights

Brightgreen’s Puck Downlights, with their slim, curved, and uniform design, can help elegantly define areas like kitchen counters and dining settings or enrich the aesthetic of any space without effort.

Box Downlights

With a distinctive boxy profile, Brightgreen’s Box Downlights uniquely complement the vertical linear surfaces of walls. Their subtle presence is designed to feel as if they’re organically integrated into the architecture.

Bring Your World To Life with Plus 4.0 and Tru-Colour® 4

Experience the pinnacle of lighting perfection with Brightgreen’s Plus 4.0 Downlight Collection with Tru-Colour® 4, and bring your spaces and faces to life. Connect with Brightgreen for any lighting design assistance, dive into their top five lighting design tips, and get your hands on these superior LEDs now.