Meet Houdini’s Favourite LEDs: Hidden Strip Lighting Explained

A bit of drama in your life can be fun.

Seeing strangers squabbling in a Westfield parking lot can add some much-needed spice to your Sunday afternoon grocery shop. LEDs can really up the drama in a room, too. Add a disco ball light to your party, and kablam! Instant untz untz on the dance floor.

And other times, it’s nice to skip the drama. Our latest creation—Houdini-esque hidden strip lighting—does precisely that.

These nifty vanishing LEDs take the limelight away from your light fixtures and shine a spotlight on your architectural ones. And, in this short, sweet show-and-tell (read, magic show), we reveal all the hidden benefits of our all-new concealed strip lights.

Fast-forward to the final act, and meet Houdini’s favourite LEDs here.

Same Insane Light Quality. More Abracadabra.

Hiding your LEDs in the skirting board shouldn’t mean stripping away all the magical benefits of world-class lighting. You see, these LEDs, they’re basically the catwoman of concealed lighting. Stealthy. Precise. Powerful. Elegant. Sharp, retractable claws.

And like catwoman, these LEDs can hide in plain sight while delivering power and might. So, you’ll get the same insane light quality as all Brightgreen LEDs, but with more abracadabra:

  1. Spot-free Beams: This cove lighting delivers spot-free, continuous light beams as smooth as Teflon. Think Superman’s laser beam eyes, but, like, less red and scary. 
  2. Wash Your Lights: Not only can you wash your spaces with light, you can wash your hidden strip lighting, too. This hidden strip lighting is IP67-rated and suitable for outdoor use. Waterproof. Dustproof. Bug-proof. Apocalypse-proof.
  3. Direct Your Light: Place these LEDs where you need them (including as skirting lighting). Direct the light where you need it. Pew pew at adjacent surfaces. Highlight all your favourite architectural features or use them as orientation lighting in your skirting boards. You decide.
  4. Easy Installs: Install this cove lighting in a jiffy, and make your walls, roofs, floors, and cabinetry look spiffy. Easily clip these into the hidden channel without additional parts or tools. Cost-effective, too—spend those dollarydoos on Milo Kitkats instead. (Yep, it’s a thing.)
  5. Mucho Compatible: Cereal and milk. Sunday mornings and regret. Concealed strip lighting and digital drivers. This hidden strip lighting is compatible with all the 24V Brightgreen dimmable Zigbee, Dali, and phase drivers. Plus, home automation systems, too. 
  6. Ultra Low Glare: This skirting strip lighting has the lowest UGR levels ever. And since they’re concealed, there’s also minimal glare at the light source. So, less squinting and walking into walls, and more washing your walls with light. 
  7. Sliceable, Dice-able: It’s scissor-cuttable skirting strip lighting. Easily get choppy with these strip lights and customise the length (within 50mm). And thanks to pre-wiring at both ends, cut pieces can be repurposed without soldering.

All the benefits. None of the drama.

Installing LED strip lights is often a headache waiting to happen. Installing our concealed strip lighting feels like a head massage in comparison.

Finally, play peek-a-boo with your LEDs

Ready to play peek-a-boo with Houdini’s favourite LEDs? Peek at our newest hidden strip lights here. Call us at 1300 672 499, or get in touch to learn more.