Australians are set to save more than $5.2b on energy by the end of the decade, with a new national energy efficiency framework being passed yesterday that sets common standards and ratings for electrical appliances.

Effective on October 1, the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) is a coup for consumers, who will be able to make much more informed decisions when seeking energy efficient products.

The national framework is a massive step up from the well-known red and yellow star labels on household appliances such as fridges and televisions, with all energy efficient products now incorporated, including windows, insulation and lighting.

In what we think is one of the best bits about GEMS, products that don’t meet the minimum standards wont be sold in Australia, making achieving energy efficiency less of a head-spinning chore.

While all states and territories currently have their own guidelines, GEMS will be an all-encompassing, nation-wide policy. This will put an end to the confusion that shrouds energy efficiency, making it easier for everyone to make the greenest choice.

We are especially excited that lighting has been included as part of the framework, enabling consumers to choose lights of the highest efficiency.

For more info on GEMS (or anything energy efficient), check out the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Image sourced from Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.