A couple of weeks ago we explained how VEET, the Victorian energy saving rebate scheme, works. It generated a lot of interest amongst our readers, so this time we’ll get into the meat behind NSW’s similar program, the Energy Savings Scheme, or ESS.

As their website says, “The Energy Savings Scheme reduces electricity consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for energy saving activities.” Incentives are available for both businesses and homeowners.

How it works

The ESS operates in a similar way to VEET, where energy saving certificates are the currency of the initiative and are bought by energy retailers. Only Accredited Certificate Providers can issue certificates; for larger projects, companies can apply to be a Provider themselves, otherwise you can work with already accredited companies. All of them are listed here.

There are a number of electricity-reducing activities covered under the scheme, including improving your lighting by shifting your commercial lighting over to an energy efficient system, or by installing halogen replacements.

Just like VEET, our DR700 has been given the thumbs up by IPART, the body that oversees ESS. If you live in NSW, you can save on installation costs via a rebate under this program (and then enjoy the reduction in power bills that the DR700s offer too).

We recommend getting in touch with EcovantageLow Energy Supplies and Services (LESS) and Green Connection (if you’re a NSW business), who are all Accredited Providers, to see how you can upgrade and receive rewards for going green.

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