Daylesford is just one of those places in Victoria that sparkles with an old-world charm. It’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, beckoning those of us in search of peace and tranquillity. The small town dappled with Victorian architecture, steals away your breath with its rolling hills and verdant hues.

It’s simply a special slice of the world.

Recently, Brightgreen had the privilege of teaming up with FGR Architects for a project nestled on lush farmland in Daylesford. The task was a unique one. Together with FGR Architects, we had to infuse a modern architectural design with subtle, precise lighting that captures the spirit of the property and its surroundings. We sat down with Feras Raffoul, the lead architect on the project, to learn more about the creative process, the inspiration, and the team’s minimal lighting approach using Brightgreen’s hidden strip lights, mini downlights, and surface lights.

Feras offers a closer look into this ambitious project, set to be completed early 2024—where bold architectural decisions intersect minimal lighting solutions, all accentuated by Brightgreen’s magical Tru-Colour® technology. 

Brightgreen’s Tru-Colour® LEDs, with its perfect 100 R9 on the CRI scale, will light up the farmhouse in a way that highlights its clean, modern lines, the luscious landscape outside, and the minimal interiors within. Throughout the interview, Feras shares his insights on the design of the property and the significant role of Brightgreen’s minimal yet maximal output LEDs. Keep reading to learn more.

Brightgreen (BG): What was the client’s vision, and what was your creative process for this project?

Feras Raffoul (FR): The client requested a landmark farmhouse for his young family. Upon visiting the site, the positioning and orientation of the house became clear to me. It was vital that we maximise the views from all parts of the house. The land, untouched and without any other properties in sight, dictated our design direction. We wanted the property to touch the land lightly. The design features floor-to-ceiling glass sheets sandwiched between two thin concrete slabs (floor and roof) and a 20m concrete pool cantilevering out of the ground.

BG: The geometry is striking. Did any particular inspiration guide your design? 

FR: The wings of an aeroplane inspired the design of the concrete floor and roof. We have applied an 80mm radius to the concrete edges to resemble the edge of an aeroplane wing. We intended to achieve an external architecture as light and minimal as possible, facing the views and anchored by three separate concrete in-situ walls on the south side.

BG: This design is highly distinctive, especially in an area like Daylesford, known for its heritage buildings. Can you describe the reactions you’ve received? 

FR: We didn’t encounter any resistance from adjoining neighbours, perhaps due to the seclusion of the home, which prevents any views of neighbouring properties.

BG: You’ve chosen a minimal lighting approach, using only hidden strip lights, mini downlights, and surface lights. How were you able to achieve your lighting goals with such few products? 

FR: You don’t need an extensive range of products to achieve the desired lighting output. Strategic application of these three types of lights throughout the house proved more than sufficient to achieve the lighting output. Credit to Brightgreen, who are able to provide us with such amazing products. Prioritising the use of hidden strip lights, mini downlights, and surface lights was crucial to the minimal interiors. We wanted to minimise the disturbance for the occupants while enjoying the views. Brightgreen was able to provide us with wonderful lighting outcomes through very minimal and powerful light outputs.

FGR Architects’ Daylesford project offers a riveting look into the combination of forward-thinking architectural design with cutting-edge lighting solutions. If you’re inspired by the transformative power of Brightgreen’s Tru-Colour® technology or require expert guidance for your lighting needs, contact Brightgreen. Our team of lighting specialists can assist you in illuminating your projects with the world’s highest light quality LEDs. 

After all, every masterpiece deserves its moment in the spotlight.