Earlier this month, we introduced the newest addition to our range of Tru-Colour interior downlights – the D700+. Like all of the designs in our downlight range, the D700+ has a directional, instead of diffused, beam.

Today, we’ll be explaining the top 3 reasons why the architects and lighting designers we work with prefer non-diffused beams:

Add interest to interiors

Downlights like the D700+ allow for more creative lighting designs, giving the ability to utilise the contrast between light and darkness to create boundaries, add visual interest, draw eyes towards features and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Recent research has found that despite the popularity of diffused downlights in Australia, directional downlights evoke more positive emotional responses to interior spaces. It is thought that this could link back to our natural survival instincts, with non-uniform lighting providing us with the ability to perceive threats around us as well as providing us with shadows to hide in.

Increase efficiency

Whilst the idea behind diffused lighting is that it provides a more even spread of illumination, in reality, diffused LEDs tend to spill light in areas that don’t need it. No matter how low your ceilings are, the even spread of light that comes from diffused lighting starts right up at the ceiling, so light that could be illuminating bench tops, artworks and other living spaces is wasted in the far corners of your ceiling.

Instead of diffused lighting, we recommend you consider looking for a light with a beam angle that can efficiently light up the area you’re working with. As a rule, lights with higher beam angles provide a broader spread of light more suited to lower ceilings; lights with low beam angles (36° or less) project a more concentrated beam further, making them ideal for spaces with high ceilings.

The D700+ features a 55°-beam angle, making it a practical all-rounder for efficiently lighting spaces with ceiling heights between 2.4 to 3.6 metres. The fitting’s universal gimbal also provides the ability to articulate its beam in any direction to give you even more control over where the light falls in you space. 

Lower glare

Choosing downlights with directional beams should be the first step for anyone wanting to create more inviting interior spaces by reducing the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of their interior. In addition to providing more control over light distribution with its 55°-beam angle, the D700+ features a unique deep-recessed design to reduce the occurrence of glare and increase visual comfort even further. 

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