Earlier this week, CSIRO and Climateworks released the Low Carbon Lifestyles report, commissioned by Origin Energy. Complete with colourful and easy-to-understand graphs, the report gives concrete examples of how much money you can save by making simple energy-efficient upgrades around your home.

What’s great about Low Carbon Lifestyles is that they’ve calculated savings specific to where you live. As prices vary across the country, there are individual reports for Vic, NSW, SA and Qld. They’ve gone even further than just geographical location as well, with different tips depending on whether you live in an apartment, a small house or a large house.

As an example, here are the top five tips to reduce your power bills if you live in an apartment in Victoria:

1. Upgrade to an efficient TV
2. Install solar power 1.5kW system
3. Upgrade to water efficient showerheads
4. Eliminate standby power
5. Upgrade to efficient light bulbs

By making these simple changes, you can save nearly $300 a year.

See what kind of savings you can make by downloading the right Low Carbon Lifestyles report for you here.