Wall Lights Uncensored

Like a tilted fedora’s addition to a track day outfit or a pickle on a ham sandwich, wall lights are often seen as complementary features to lighting’s main show. They’re the fittings that add that extra bit of flavour, and as such, they’re often multifunctional and unique.

That being said, people often wonder what the heck they’re meant to do with them. So, we’re going to break down a handful of wall light applications below, and you can see if any of these ideas is the dill pickle to your ham sandwich.

Starting easy, #1. Orientation lighting. Yes, they do just as it sounds and stop you from tripping over your own two feet (or stairs). Placement of wall lights low along floorboards and steps allows you to see where you’re going in a non-invasive “I see the light!” type of way at midnight. Also, recessed and flush-mounted styles just keep them the heck out of your way. Really, how many times have you stubbed your toe on a lamp? We’re working hard to keep you upright here. For an example of how wall lights can have you strutting the catwalk, look to the W200 Curve:

All right, #2. Open spaces! Seriously, lighting can do some truly deceptive things when it comes to appearances. Just google Tinder dates gone wrong… Okay, so with this one, we use the lights’ placements along ceiling and floor edges to make the space seem bigger than it is. And voila, your small space is grand. Not in a Napoleon complex type way (exactly like that), but the strategic placement of these lights opens a room right up. The W900 Curve shows you how it’s done on top while the W200 Curve comes back for the effect at floor level:

#3. Decorative lighting. No, we’re not talking about sparkly fittings, though those do have their time and place. We mean contoured wall light fittings that actually shape the light’s beam as it fills a room. Talk about making an entrance. You can place them about individually for variety, or group them together to create patterns that are pleasing to the eyeballs. Get artsy with it. Our muses are the W200.SX and W900.SX Curves:

Lastly (for today), #4. Wash walls with light. Yes, that’s a thing. It works like so, the wall light fixtures are recessed with reflectors that direct the light toward the wall, which creates the perfect shadow puppet setting (or accent lighting for highlighting artwork). The light doesn’t splash into the room but washes the wall’s surface for a nice ambient glow. The W200 Cube and Curve demonstrate:

Still feeling uninspired? Well, we’re not about to hem you in, hop on over to the wall light collection page. You can see more ideas for your space there. The applications are endless. Well, no, there is an end, but we haven’t hit it yet. Take a look!