When it comes to retrofit rebates, often the most time-consuming aspect of the process is not installing the lights themselves but completing the accompanying paperwork. While we understand the need for record-keeping here at Brightgreen HQ, we’re always on the lookout for ways in which things can be made more efficient. Energy certificate partner Wattly’s new app does exactly that, simplifying the VEET and ESS rebate processes using paperless technology.

Designed to be used by Victorian and NSW electricians and lighting contractors on both Android and Apple iPad devices, the program prompts the user to log all of the necessary information such as photos, floorplans and signatures during the retrofitting process. When all of the information is complete, the data is sent to Wattly’s cloud for processing. Once approved, Wattly then generates the appropriate certificates and sends the rebate savings your way.

The app also includes a calculator to work out exactly how much energy and money will be saved and how many certificates will be created, so users know the exact benefits gained by retrofitting.   

Keen to get your hands on the app? Wattly is currently looking for lighting professionals to put the system through its paces. Get in touch with us here for more information.