The Best Lighting

See life in its real colour. The 12B Bulb features the industries best lighting quality Tru Colour - that makes everything and anything look extraordinary.

Built To Last

Boasting a 35,000 hour product lifetime and a 3 year warranty - you’ll keep looking your best for years to come.

Designed For Looking Good

Expert craftsmanship and leading design meant that we could pack in all the features of the 12B bulb into a A60 General Service Lamp Design. That means 12B can be used wherever you’d use other typical bulbs. Install it with effortless ease.

Packs A Punch

We wanted to make a bulb that really added extra “oomph” to any space. We did just that with the 12B bulb, packing 940 Lumens of brightness at just 12W of power - it’s to interiors what wasabi is to sushi.


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