CH15 Linear LED
Clothes Hanger

Crafted with your apparel in mind, the CH15 Linear LED clothes hanger gives you Tru-Colour illumination where it’s needed most. A slimline design means that it can be placed close to clothing, instead of behind a clothes rail or overhead. No shadows are formed from upper shelves or anyone standing in front of the rails - creating the perfect clothing companion.

90% Less Glare

By removing overhead lighting, the CH15 Linear LED clothes hanger ensures next to zero glare. This immediately creates optimal eye response and comfort when looking at clothing in dark conditions such as late at night, in a low-light space, or early in the morning before starting the day. The difference is profound.


Proven Tru-Colour lighting technology makes each material, texture, and colour on clothing look as accurate as it is under natural sunlight. Enjoy effortlessly consistent clothing decisions.

Uniform Illumination

Remarkably consistent and uniform lighting distribution, means that all areas of clothing are bright. Forget about the inconsistent dark areas created by spotlights - and make better clothing comparisons and decisions.

Completely Automatic

Powerful and efficient optical sensors produce a magical lighting experience. Simply opening the wardrobe activates the CH15 Linear LED, immediately placing Tru-Colour illumination where it’s needed.


Source Lumens :
720lm/m - 735lm/m

Tru-Colour: iIndustry Leading light quality. With CRI and TM-30 values reaching 99 each.

7 years of luminaire

Circuit Wattage:

Dimming: iExperience flicker-free dimming with 100,000 Hz dimming capabilities.
Non-Dimmable [ND]

Lifetime L70, B10:
50,000 Hrs

Total Circuit Efficacy:
103lm/W - 105lm/W

Gimbal angle:

IP rating:

Product Options

Light quality:

Only the best. Tru-Colour

Colour temperature:

Low = warm, High = cool

Beam angle:

Power usage(W):

Product code:


Please give us a call
1300 672 499

* Special order. Contact your closest retailer.


200.00lx DF120° 200.00lx Length: 2.34m Width


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