4 out of 5 families
are without power

That equates to 35 million people in Kenya
without access to electricity.


Children cannot study at night due to a lack of light for reading.

Finance & banking

Communities rely on mobile phone banking and need power to charge phones to do business.

Property maintenance

Lights ward off animals that trample properties in the night; without lighting, properties risk damage.

For light, most families
use paraffin lamps

But these are a toxic, expensive solution.


Paraffin costs up to 25% of a household's weekly income.


Air pollution caused by lamps has the same effect as smoking 40 cigarettes per day.


Cost and environmental impact makes lamps unsustainable.

Instead, solar LED kits provide light, power and better living environments for years to come.

For every $2000 purchase, we will donate a solar LED kit that provides a family with light and power for years to come.

1 x Solar panel

A 3W solar panel harvests energy
throughout the day.

2 x LED light bulbs

These 2W 85-lumen bulbs give out
a total of 8 hours of brightness
when fully charged.

1 x Battery & phone charger

Energy can be stored for powering lights
and for charging a range of mobile phones.