Brightgreen brothers in Smarter Business Ideas.

20th November 2012

If you pick up the latest issue of Smarter Business Ideas, you'll find our Brightgreen co-founders, brothers David and Barry O'Driscoll, inside its pages.

The pair was recently interviewed as part of the "siblings in business" feature, which profiles the success of Brightgreen stemming from the ways that David and Barry have managed to work together as such a solid family unit.

Here's a little taster of the full article:

David and Barry have been in cahoots since childhood, when they ran a BMX club and charged people to enter. "David was very much the creative and I was the flogger, if you'd like," says Barry.

David laughs, adding: "I was constructing a BMX jump while he was jumping over it and breaking his leg or something. I'm an expander in a lot of respects and Baz is a straightener.

"We're just complementary more than anything else. When we work together we can specialise, and I can take more risks and stuff up more often."

Read the story in full here.

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