Brightgreen receives a B Corp Certification!

14th January 2016

We are pleased to announce that Brightgreen has been awarded certification as a B Corporation!

Joining a growing worldwide movement of 1,550 companies (including the likes of Etsy, KeepCup and Pantagonia), Brightgreen is one of only 75 Australian companies to have received the certification.

B Corps meet a higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. It’s like what fair trade is for coffee, or Green Star Ratings are for buildings – only instead of only focusing on one aspect of the offering (like ethical trade or sustainability), the certification ensures every aspect of the business meets a high standard.

The achievement is the result of a rigorous evaluation process, that takes into account the impact Brightgreen has on the wellbeing of all stakeholders (including employees, suppliers, customers, the community and the environment).  

Our Founder and CEO, David O’Driscoll, has noted that the evaluation process also provided a great chance to reflect possible areas for improvement and growth at Brightgreen.

“We've identified the potential to become carbon neutral on both the business and product level by the end of the year, with some of our new products set to become carbon neutral,” he said

While the achievement reaffirms Brightgreen’s place at the forefront of sustainable design and responsible manufacturing in the technology industry, our team also plans to use it as a benchmark for future improvements. 

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