New UVC Products

1st January 1970

New Germicidal UV-C Lights

When this pandemic began, we jumped in like every other person with a sock and a yearning to save the world with a homemade face mask. Solutions. It’s been the conversation from the start, but you don’t stick with a first draft when you can make a mask out of underwear too.


As our knowledge of the coronavirus has expanded, so too have our germicidal products. We have the original UV-C ceiling light (with a bit of an upgrade), an escalator handrail light, and now air filters for both elevators and HVAC systems. Let’s break them down.


The Germicidal Heavyweights


S120 UVC – Area Light


Our original design was to function as both a standard light during the day and an ultraviolet light at night for UV light disinfection. But a dedicated UV-C light was the more cost-effective option. A single S120 ceiling light can disinfect all surfaces it touches in a 40-square-metre space. This light still requires all the safety measures described in our trial post.


HR200 UVC – Escalator Handrail Light


No need to fall on your face, you can hang on safely with this LED UV light functioning. As the escalator operates, the handrail is automatically pulled past the UV light and sterilised with each rotation. It’s located on the underside of the escalator, so it’s neither visible nor accessible to users. Completely safe.


EL300 UVC – Elevator Air Filter


While we’re on the transport thread, this elevator unit sucks in surrounding air and filters it through a UV light before expelling it back into the lift. It’s motion sensor operated to turn on when people enter the lift. It also runs for a short duration after people exit to make sure it gets all the airborne baddies. It disinfects 60 cubic metres per hour, which handles a 5 metres squared lift. The UV rays never come in contact with those going up (on a Tuesday) or down.


HVAC250 UVC – HVAC Air Filter


This UV-C light is mounted directly above the air cooling coil in the HVAC system. It happily chomps through and destroys any airborne pathogens pulled through the system. One 80W unit can filter 700 cubic metres per hour, which covers a space of approximately 200 square metres. Again, the UV rays are kept isolated, so no one is the wiser to the virus massacre happening as air circulates.


Building Wellness

Simple cleaning procedures aren’t enough when it comes to COVID-19. You don’t need to just clean, but sanitise your space, and these lights do the job chemical free. Activity monitors are another step you can take to keep your workplace safe.


While these steps to increase workplace safety might seem big for a temporary problem (this pandemic is going to end one day, right?!), they contribute to building wellness as a whole. These are products that will continue to keep your team healthy in a post-apocalyptic post-COVID world.


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