No one likes a copycat.

20th December 2012

And now for a somewhat serious public service announcement courtesy of Brightgreen:

No one likes a copycat—especially when they risk compromising your reputation. That's why we will go after any retailer who sells shoddy imitations of our products.

We recently pursued action to protect our IP rights against retailer Green L.E.D. Australia, who was importing and selling imitation versions of our D900 Curve from China. After talking to them, they've agreed to do the right thing and stop selling infringing copies of our products.

No one wins with substandard imitation products. You often put your customers and yourselves at risk by selling lights without government mandated C-Tick safety mark drivers—or even worse, forged C-Tick marks—and warranties against defects.

If you are ever presented with any suspicious products, please email us or phone 1300 672 499.