The Premier's Sustainability Awards honours our DR700 with 2 trophies!

15th October 2012

Celebrating its tenth year, the Premier's Sustainability Awards were held last night, with our DR700 LED replacement bulb taking out the trophy in the Products or Services Category. An unexpected second trophy followed the award, this time for the Premier's Recognition Award; recognising the most stand out innovation of the year in Victoria.

Team members David and Raf attended the awards ceremony and were pretty happy to bring home not one but two new trophies for our cabinet!

"Both these awards provide further credibility that our LED lights are leading the market in brightness, light quality and efficiency. We are thrilled to be recognized on a state level and looking forward to entering again next year", said David.

The awards recognize excellence in sustainable innovation, which is the heart of Brightgreen's design philosophy, and a core foundation of Brightgreen's brand.

The DR700 is the world's first LED replacement bulb to match the brightness of an average 50W halogen but at one fifth of the cost. More information on our DR700 can be found here.