Light Up Kenya and the United Nations International Year of Light.

19th January 2015

We are so pleased to continue our Light Up Kenya Project in 2015, the United Nations official International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies.

This year marks the perfect time to switch to more efficient LED lighting and spread some light to those in need!

We will continue to offer our customers the chance to light up a home in Kenya when they purchase $2000 worth of Brightgreen products; moreover, we will continue to offer $90 vouchers for those who have trouble reaching the $2000 mark – or want to further support the initiative by buying a voucher for themselves or a loved one.

Each solar LED kit includes: 1 solar panel, 2 LED bulbs, and 1 universal phone charging dock.

As well as providing a cost effective alternative to dangerous paraffin lamps – that emit toxic fumes leading to up to 120, 000 deaths per year – these lasting gifts empower children to study and entrepreneurs to conduct business in the evenings.

Each voucher features a unique 8-digit code that allows recipients to activate their voucher here.

Once activated the solar LED kit will be deployed and we will contact you with information about the family who receives the kit.

Help us Light Up Kenya in 2015, The International Year of Light!

Learn more about why light poverty is such a big issue in Kenya here

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