Copycats & Counterfeits: Make sure you’re getting the real deal

13th June 2014

Earlier this week, we received a query from an anonymous contact regarding the design of our award-winning DR700 retrofit bulb. The message suggested that our light was a copy of an existing product made by a Chinese manufacturer. In fact, the opposite had happened.

Unfortunately Brightgreen products – especially the award-winners – are prone to being copied by dubious manufacturers who replicate our designs using sub-standard materials and components, rather than vice-versa. Below are pictures of two copies that we are aware of:

We patent all of our designs to ensure that when situations like this one do arise, our intellectual property and rights as designers are protected. This benefits us as much as it does you – imitation Brightgreen products don’t meet testing or warranty standards, don’t perform as well as the real deal and in the past have lead to safety issues linked to overheating and short-circuiting.

We have put together 3 top tips for ensuring you are purchasing an authentic Brightgreen product:

  • Make sure it comes in Brightgreen packaging, complete with an installation guide if it is a Curve or Cube series light.
  • Check for the Brightgreen logo or brand name on the product itself. This could be on the light’s body, on the driver or on the inside of the lens.
  • Only buy from reputable dealers. Does the retailer have a solid knowledge of the product and brand? Make sure they are familiar with the products and, if in doubt, contact us to check they are a registered Brightgreen partner.

We strongly dissuade customers and retailers from buying and selling imitation products, particularly from a safety and longevity standpoint, but unfortunately some purchase bogus products accidentally or, worse still, continue to knowingly support copycats. 

If you have any questions at all about whether a Brightgreen product is in fact the real deal, or whether a retailer is a legitimate Brightgreen dealer, please feel free to contact us via phone on 1300 672 499 or via email at