Illumination for every occasion: Meet the BR80, BR180 & BR200

9th October 2013

In yet another step towards ridding the world of inefficient lighting, this week sees the launch of three new low-energy Brightgreen Retrofit products – the BR80, BR180 and BR200 – designed to replace small halogen and incandescent bulbs. 

The BR80: A 1.2W LED replacement for 10W G4 halogen bulbs

Designed as a replacement for inefficient 10W G4 halogen bulbs used in architectural fixings and household appliances such as range hoods and desk lamps, the long-life BR80 bulb provides 90 lumens of either warm or cool low-energy illumination.

The BR180: A 2.5W LED replacement for 30W G9 halogen bulbs

The BR180 is an energy saving alternative to outmoded 30W G9 halogen bulbs used in wall-mounted light fittings and safety lights. Running on 2.5W of power, it is an ideal addition to any retrofit plans where downlighting and decorative lighting are combined.

The BR200: A 3W LED replacement for 20W fancy round incandescent bulbs

Small but perfectly formed, the BR200 LED bulb is a low-energy 3W alternative to 20W fancy round incandescent bulbs used for interior illumination and decorative features. Its 200˚ degree beam angle creates an even spread of warm light for flattering illumination.

To find out more about retrofitting or to suggest the next energy-guzzling light that we should tackle, get in touch.