Say hello to our first pendant light – the stylishly simple P900 Curve.

17th June 2015

Recently, we've been hearing from architects, lighting designers and interior designers who have begun to use Tru-Colour lights exclusively in their projects. Many of these Brightgreen specifiers have mentioned that it would be great if we offered a pendant fitting that could match the light quality and efficiency of the rest of the range.

We’ve been listening, and today we are excited to announce the latest addition to our range - the P900 Curve LED pendant!

Available in both matte black and elegant white finishes, the long awaited P900 Curve LED pendant allows designers to add a creative splash to their Brightgreen design without sacrificing on light quality. The chic minimalist fitting emits a beautiful 802 lumens of Tru-Colour brightness and is designed to work in conjunction with our most popular lights — including the award-winning D900+ and our most recent releases: the D900 SHX Curve and T900 H Curve.

We have found that because pendant lights are generally hung over centres of the home – like dining tables and kitchen benches – having high quality light that creates ambience is particularly important. The P900 Curve projects a warm white 3000K beam, and is engineered to illuminate key colours on the visible spectrum using Tru-Colour technology to flatter skin tones and bring out the best in interiors.

As with all of our designs, our intention is that the P900 Curve inspires people to get creative with their lighting design. With a 1.2-meter adjustable cord, the P900 Curve can be hung at any level, making it perfect for creating layers in your design - either drawing eyes upwards or lowering the focus of a room towards a dining area or workspace. For the more adventurous amongst you, the cord of the P900 Curve also looks great looped like in the picture below.

Key features include:

·      Increased thermal efficiency – with smaller cutouts and no gaps in insulation.

·      3000K warm white colour temperature

·      Chic minimalist design.

·      45° beam angle.

·      Tru-Colour technology.

·      70,000hr lifetime.

·      7yr warranty.

To learn more about the P900 Curve click here or visit your closest Brightgreen retailer today.