Introducing D900 Curve v1.5!

20th November 2012

Today is a great day for Brightgreen, as we're proud to unveil the D900 Curve version 1.5!

The boys in the lab have been working on this one for a little while, taking the innovations housed in the design of the 2010 original and making them even better.

This new and improved LED downlight offers more light of higher quality, on even less power than its predecessor. Check out the improvements we’ve made with the D900 Curve v1.5:

Greater energy efficiency, reducing its operating power from 16 to 15.5 watts

Increased efficacy (ability to convert power into light), increased from 56 to 61 lumens per watt

Brightness that exceeds that of a premium 50W halogen, increasing the lumen count from 903 to 950 lumens

Light quality comparable to sunlight, enhancing the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) from 90 to 95

Not bad, right?

Find out more about the D900 Curve v1.5 here.