Designing a brighter globe – introducing the BR1000 bulb

28th August 2013

We are very excited to announce the launch of the BR1000 LED bulb – our replacement for 100W incandescent bulbs and a significant addition to our Retrofit range. 

Although the BR1000 bulb takes the form of a traditional bulb, its inner workings couldn’t be more different. To begin with, we’ve used a super-efficient LED chip instead of an incandescent filament, creating a 12.5W product that emits 1050 lumens of light to give excellent brightness.

Brightgreen's LED bulb for replacing 100W incandescent bulbs

We have also reconsidered the thermodynamics of the bulb – instead of placing the heat sink at its base, we’ve designed a passive cooling system that runs the length of the bulb, enabling it to be mounted at any angle without compromising performance or longevity.

Unlike the majority of LED equivalents that contain a hemispherical luminaire and only emit light in a 180° spread, the pioneering design of the BR1000 allows it to cast a 270° spread of warm 3000K light into a room. This means more effective illumination, especially if the bulb is going to be used with a shade.

270 degree illumination from Brightgreen's BR1000 LED bulb

The BR1000 can be directly swapped for incandescent bulbs without the need to change fixtures or fittings, making retrofitting simple. It is available now in both B22 bayonet and E27 screw fittings, priced at $39 RRP. For a closer look at its features and uses, visit the BR1000 product page