Introducing the new Gen3 LED driver

3rd February 2016

Today we are pleased to release one of our most innovative pieces of technology to date – our 3rd generation LED driver!

While most people know Brightgreen products for their beautiful design and Tru-Colour light quality, there is an underrated element of our lighting that often goes unnoticed.

Drivers, also known as electronic transformers, are the silent champions of LED lighting, altering the mains power supply to deliver the perfect amount of power to low-energy fittings.

Our new Gen3 driver has been custom designed to go above and beyond what standard LED drivers can achieve to provide flicker-free, deep dimming and unparalleled compatibility with home automation systems.

If you’ve ever spent time troubleshooting lighting compatibility problems, you’ll know that driver compatibility is the secret to eliminating flickering, slow response, poor dimming and even preventing failure.

To combat the issues listed above, the team at Brightgreen engineered the state of the art Gen3 electronic driver. 

The Gen3 driver has been designed and tested to work on the majority of leading, trailing and universal dimmers available in Australia. Through utilising digital control IC in multiple stage topologies, the driver is optimised to improve performance,  as well as protecting against surges.

Available with all of the latest Brightgreen designs, Gen3 drivers have also been tested and proven to make our already market-leading product lifetime even longer! 

Want to learn more? Check out the research that informed the design of the Gen3 drivers here.

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