Surface Series LEDs for precision illumination

26th July 2016

Designed to work seamlessly with leading home automation systems, the D550 SHX Curve downlight and T550 H Curve track light expand upon our popular Curve range of surface-mounted LEDs, providing flexible surface and track luminaires for areas that require precision lighting.

Featuring directional, rather than diffused beams, both of the new fittings provide the ability to design with light, rather than washing spaces with uniform illumination as is common with diffused alternatives.

Projecting 550 lumens at a 36° angle, the tighter beam and smaller body of the D550 SHX Curve and T550 H Curve make them the ideal accompaniment for the larger 900-lumen lights in the range.

Key features include:

  • Tru-Colour technology – for market leading light quality and consistency with the rest of the Brightgreen product suite
  • Dual-axes adjustments – with a 355° body rotation and 90° angle tilt using a constant friction hinge
  • Advanced performance with a range of leading dimmers and control systems
  • 3000K warm white and 4000K neutral colour temperature options
  • Durable pure aluminium body available in black and white finishes
  • 70,000hr lifetime backed by a 7-year warranty

Launched last year, the original 5 Surface Series lights have been a huge hit with architects and interior designers for their proven ability to increase overall home thermal efficiency and modern minimalist look. 

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