The Surface Series: Instruments for brilliant design

5th July 2015

Today we’re pleased to announce the official launch of the Brightgreen LED Surface Series.

The stylishly simple set comprises of the five most recent additions to our Tru-Colour range of interior lights, and includes: petite, surface, flexi, track and pendant designs.

With a fitting to suit every space in the home, Surface Series lights can be used together, to create harmony and continuity throughout interiors, or solo as standalone accent pieces.

Additional benefits of the range include:

Increased energy ratings

Because Surface Series lights require no cutouts or gaps in insulation, each of the low-energy fittings offers the additional benefit of increasing overall home thermal efficiency.

Tru-Colour technology

We use an advanced colour rendering metric to measure lights ability to illuminate more colours on the visible spectrum — this results in lights that are proven to bring out the best in skin tones and interior colours.

Dimmer and Control System Compatibility

We work with leading Australian dimmers and centralised control systems to optimise compatibility. Contact us for more detailed information.

Easy installation

Each Surface Series design comes with a simple mounting plate, allowing for fast and easy installation.

Incredible durability and lifetime

Surface Series lights feature a tough aluminium body and come back by an unbeatable 7-yr warranty. Each model is designed to last for up to 70,000hrs — approximately 30yrs on average daily use.

For more information on how the Surface Series will make your design sing click here.

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