Interview: Mattias Friberg on the design for The Waiting Room

1st May 2017

We recently spoke with Mattias Friberg, Director of Some Agency to chat about the design of his new fashion boutique – The Waiting Room in Sydney.

What was the concept behind the design for The Waiting Room store in Sydney?

We wanted to create a more feminine store – using strong and clean elements to create the vibrant space. We hoped it would become a sister store to our slightly more masculine store located at Melbourne Emporium.

Can you tell us about the lighting design and how you came to choose  LEDs?

We wanted to find lights that would be both aesthetically appealing while giving the space that ‘natural light’ effect. This building is also one of the first in Australia to be 100% green star rated, so it was really important that we used low-energy lights – Brightgreen ticked every box for us!

Your website mentions the importance of an in store shopping experience – being able to touch, feel and see the garments in real life. Did you notice an improvement in the colours of the clothes under the Tru-Colour lights?

Yes! The Tru-Colour lights definitely helped to represent the colours and textures of our products more accurately.

What are your favourite details about the design?

We were particularly happy with the combination of the marble Palladiana floor together with light American oak, nude leather and pink fabrics, We also loves that everything has a round shape, from the display tables to the shelves that follows the curved floor layout.

Do you have any tips for people who are currently choosing lights for their own projects?

Good lighting design has a massive affect on the overall impression it gives to anyone walking into your store. It’s so important that you choose the right lights to give your products that “extra shine” so they stand out the minute someone walks in.

Check out The Waiting Room store website or follow them on Instagram.

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