Surface series

Cut your energy, not your ceiling
with the Surface Series.

Turn energy
into savings

By eliminating the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation, Surface Series LEDs drastically reduce heating and cooling costs – requiring only half the induced energy used by standard recessed equivalents.

An airtight solution

Unlike recessed downlights, Surface Series LEDs allow you to have a totally airtight and fully insulated ceiling — keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The hidden cost
of recessed lighting

The cutouts required for recessed downlights prove to make a big difference when it comes to power usage. According to our research, choosing surface-mounted LEDs instead of recessed saves so much on heating and cooling, that it covers the costs of lighting up an average Australian home.

Your star in
energy rating

Designed to add value to your home, Surface Series LEDs boost average home energy star ratings by increasing r-values by 0.5.