High CRI LED Lighting – Tru-Colour LED Lights


With The Highest Light
Quality In The World

High CRI LEDs - Tru-Colour LED Lights


Seriously, this is a numbers thing. On a thingamajig known as the colour rendering index (CRI) – which measures how well a manufactured light compares to light au naturel – Tru-Colour lights score a 98. That’s the top of the top for high CRI LEDs.

High CRI LED Lighting – Tru-Colour LED Lights

See it for
the colour it is

Tru-Colour LEDs contain about a billion colours, which is more than any other white LED on the market. (Yes, white LEDs have colours. It’s trippy.) All these colours in one teensy LED mean that you see colours for the colours they are. Enter TM-30 colour fidelity.

High CRI LED Lighting – Tru-Colour LED Lights

Looking alive

Of all these colours, red is the critical winner because it is everywhere. Including your face. Blood below the surface and all that, you know? LEDs that don’t hit high red marks leave your furnishings (and your face) looking flat and washed out. Sexy. Tru-Colour has the purest red on the market – Rf CES07 (R9 on the old CRI scale).

Modern Interior with Tru-Colour LED Lights

wow factor

Tru-Colour light enhances the visual impact of flooring, artworks, furnishings, and yes, even skin tones, by up to 30%. It’s just a result of good light. So, hello dollar signs. These lights bring a quick increase in property value, and looks to your person. Hey-o.

Modern Interior with Tru-Colour LED Lights

Happy plants

Full-spectrum LED grow lights are all the hype because they emulate the sun (in lighting, not the whole ball of flame thing). Tru-Colour LEDs deliver balanced red and blue wavelengths that keep indoor plants healthy. Green thumb, sorted.

Modern bedroom Interior with Tru-Colour LED Lights

The right light
at the right time

Tru-Colour’s dynamic human-centric lighting transitions with you through your day. Day Shift naturally regulates your sleep-wake cycle by manipulating your body’s melatonin production. It’s all about dancing that circadian rhythm.

Circadian lighting

No winter

During dreary winter months, when you’re feeling down in the dumps, Tru-Colour can help keep you emotionally stable (at least as much as normal) with its sun-like light beams. Seriously, it’s SAD light therapy. Read the white paper.

High CRI LED Lighting – Tru-Colour

light quality

You don’t want things looking different across the same space (or face). Colour quality and temperature differ by less than 2% with Tru-Colour. In light geek terms, this is known as a 2-step MacAdam. With less than 5% R level variation, you know that your light will be consistent.

High CRI LED Lighting – Tru-Colour

Built to last

These LEDs can’t breathe, and that’s a good thing. Airtight, optical grade PMMA lenses maintain colour quality whilst keeping the LEDs safe from naughty dust and oxidisation (standard problems with standard LEDs).


High CRI LED Lighting – Tru-Colour

Bring your
space to life

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