Okay, so how
do you get it?

Well, we can flip your switch. Or you can flip ours? Regardless, a switch is being flipped and viruses are dying. Our UV-C lights make it that easy. Ceiling lights give you that blanket disinfection while UV-C air filtration lights keep you breathing easy. And you can get handsy with that escalator too, since concealed UV lights disinfect the handrail each rotation. Go ahead, touch it.

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But hang on,
ultraviolet light?

That’s the power of the sun. Sort of potent stuff. Which is why the air filtration and escalator lights are hidden. And it’s why the exposed ceiling light system has heaps of safety measures – timing automation, signage, system start warnings, electronic door locks, presence detection monitors… Everything to make these LED UV lights both safe and compliant with Australian standards.


Where to use it though?
Anywhere? Everywhere?

Where people go, UV light goes. Schools leap to mind, but they’re not the only places with sticky fingers. Sporting complexes, commercial kitchens, and offices can all benefit from UV light disinfection.


This isn’t a buy it and drive it off the lot situation

We engineer each project specifically to ensure safety and proven kill rates with daily reporting. Followed up with install and testing at your site. We’re making sure these viruses are dead.


Gangi Germicidal Systems is the other side of our homicidal, er, germicidal, team.

First install and testing has already taken place at their Melbourne location. And, if you’ll notice, none of them are sporting tans. This system is secure.

Make your space safe. We’re ready to supply UV-C lights in Australia and the USA.


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