If you haven’t already noticed by our sassy marketing, Brightgreen is not your ordinary LED manufacturer. We’re a cosmopolitan collection of tree-hugging lighting nerds on a mission to create the world’s highest quality, efficient LEDs and automation products in the most sustainable, planet-positive way possible. Headquartered in Cremorne—Melbourne’s tech precinct near the iconic MCG—we export to over 13 countries. And, to totally toot our own horn, we’re a certified B Corporation, we’re carbon neutral, and we have the world’s highest light quality.


David and Barry O’Driscoll founded Brightgreen in 2008—at the start of the global financial crisis.  Until then, the scrappy sibling duo had spent their lives inventing products ‘designed to break’ for industry goliaths. It’s called planned obsolescence now (and is a bit like that zit that keeps reappearing), but it was the norm back then. Dave and Baz were hellbent on disrupting the status quo. And so, the nerding out began on ways to jostle with the juggernauts and create sustainable products designed to last. 


It just takes one bright idea to make a dent in the universe. For Dave and Baz, it was literally a bright spark—an energy-efficient, fluorescent desk lamp, to be exact. On an unusually romantic evening in Dave’s home office, Baz, seated next to this lamp, announced, “these things make me look awful”. But, of course, Dave didn’t have the heart to tell Baz it was probably also his looming baldness. 

Anyhoo, research revealed that every energy-efficient light made everything look dull and lifeless. So, the duo set out to design lights with the world’s highest light quality and with the highest social and environmental impact. 


Not only did Dave and Baz launch Brightgreen during the GFC, they also started it in a backyard. A modest house in suburban Perth, sandwiched between lush green trees—green was always in the duo’s DNA. So, they hardwired sustainability in Brightgreen’s company DNA, too. In any standard constitution, shareholders’ interests are always paramount. Instead, using the B-Corp model in the USA, we included sustainability in Brightgreen’s constitution—compelling us to consider the impact of our actions on all stakeholders and the environment. And now, settled in the big city, we still bleed green, bright green.


In 2009, LEDs were not the efficient, high-output beasties they are now. A 50W halogen downlight easily outperformed the LED downlights at the time. Well, until Brightgreen took up the challenge. After three years of research and development, Brightgreen designed an innovative optical and thermal management system creating the D900 Classic—the world’s first 50W halogen-equivalent LED downlight. It was an overnight success. And the D900’s single, clean lens is still used today across Brightgreen’s 1000+ products, with over 10,000,000 unique configurations.


At Brightgreen, we’re like the MJ of LEDs—one world championship isn’t enough. We had to do one better. So, in 2010, light quality became our next obsession. Two years of R&D, with 1000s of experiments and prototypes, led to some Einstein-worthy discoveries and WATT-T-F moments. We became phosphor mixologists, airflow aficionados, colour-rendering-index connoisseurs, and lens…lovers. What was the result? Tru-Colour®. It’s the world’s highest light quality with the purest red on the market (that’s the colour they don’t tell you about). 


2015 was a specially special year for Brightgreen. We became a certified B Corp, which was the closest thing to getting an Oscar (before that was slapped from us). It means we joined 5000+ other B Corps focused on doing all the good stuff. In short, our lights have a social and sustainable impact. We even increased the razzle-dazzle in 2022 by boosting our score from 80 to 100.2. If that’s not enough, our LEDs are used by the who’s who in the lighting world (including competitors), and our + Collection is the most awarded set of lights on the market, with over 22 international awards. Wowza.


If you’ve ever thought that Brightgreen would branch out into selling cute knitted beanies for light bulbs, you’re in for a disappointing surprise. We like lights and all things wellness, so nothing’s changed. We’re still defiant and disruptive sustainable lighting designers at the bleeding edge. We’re still making lights designed to last for years, with recyclable componentry, using the highest quality materials, and that are eye-poppingly elegant. But, in 2022, we’re going beyond lighting. We’re building truly immersive home-automation technology that will bring spaces, places, and people to life. Stay tuned.


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