Swedish furniture giant IKEA are tightening the screws on their energy efficiency plan, announcing that they will stock only energy efficient LED lights in their stores worldwide by 2016 and grow more trees than they use.

Turning the key on the new strategy was chief executive, Mikael Ohlsson, who believes the “People & Planet Positive” initiative will save money for not only IKEA, but also customers.

The sale of LED lights and planting of trees is part of a worldwide strategy that aims to shift IKEA towards complete energy efficiency by 2020 and lower its impact on the globe.

The strategy includes investing 1.5 billion Euros from 2009-15 in solar power to produce 70 percent of the company’s energy, as well as only stocking sustainable products, putting to bed anything inefficient.

Come 2020, IKEA will produce as much energy as it uses, largely growing on its current amount of self-produced electricity, which accounts for 27% of their overall usage.

The sale of LED bulbs is particularly exciting, giving consumers the opportunity to save for themselves, while reducing the world’s largest furniture retailer’s environmental impact.

IKEA’s sustainable living video can be found here, while this article explains more about the initiative.