Do you ever walk through art galleries admiring the downlights and beam angles instead of the Basquiats? 

Nup? Perhaps that’s just a quirk of ours.

But, if you’re a sucker for the perfect beam angle and downlight combo—or you need a how-to on choosing downlight and beam styles that optimise lighting performance—you’ve landed in the right place.

If you haven’t heard, we recently launched our Plus 4.0 Collection with Tru-Colour® 4—lighting technology with world-first, perfect ‘100/100’ scores in colour accuracy (TM30 Rg) and natural materials (CRI R9).

(But, we get it. Your entire world doesn’t revolve around downlights. Us? Even our nightmares are illuminated with Plus 4.0 Downlights and Tru-Colour® 4.)

Anyhoo, in this blog (with oodles of pictures), we’ll guide you on pairing various Plus 4.0 Downlights (cube, slice, soft, trimless, and more) with 10 distinct beam angles to bring your interiors to life.

Want to put your feet up while the experts handle it? Reach out to us, and in the meantime, scroll down for the pretty pictures.

But First – A Quick Recap

Last week, we wrote about all the impressive technology behind the Plus 4.0 Downlight Collection (including the revolutionary Tru-Colour® 4). You can revisit the full story here.

But for those keen on saving their time for important quests—like finally mastering the art of folding a fitted sheet—here’s the highlight reel:

  • Superior Light Quality: Tru-Colour® 4 builds upon our foundation of the world’s highest light quality, setting a new benchmark by achieving world-first ‘100/100’ scores in colour accuracy (TM30 Rg) and natural materials (CRI R9). 
  • Innovative Design: The Plus 4.0 Collection is the crown jewel of downlight systems, offering a variety of beams, styles, outputs, CCTs, and control options for an individualised lighting experience.
  • Advanced Lens Technology: A revamped, reflector-free optical grade polymer lens eliminates light degradation and colour shift, helping maintain uniform illumination.
  • Designed in Australia: Every element has undergone a thoughtful redesign in our design studio, fusing form and function to attain lighting excellence.
  • Adaptability & Customisation: Crafted to accommodate every activity and space, the Plus 4.0 Collection offers over 10,000 custom LED combinations thanks to many styles, fascias, finishes, colours, and beam angles.
  • Globally Acclaimed: Earning accolades for its inventive design, the collection has secured top scores at esteemed design awards in Melbourne, New York, London, and beyond.

Heard enough? Don’t fancy the brain strain of matching these legendary LEDs to your space? Get help with your lighting design from Brightgreen’s ultra-experienced, uber-knowledgeable (and, let’s not forget, super cute) lighting wizards.

Full Beam Ahead. 10 Distinct Beam Angles.

They say you can have too much of a good thing—like chocolate, caffeine, or cooties. But, when it comes to beam angles for your LEDs, the sky’s the limit.

With the Plus 4.0 Downlight collection, you can take control of your light beams. Direct the light as you wish with 10 distinct beam angles, including wall washer, elliptical, low glare, batwing, and more.

11 New Styles. Get Matchy-Matchy with Any Space.

When someone mentions downlights, circles usually come to mind. You know, those run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf, no-name brand types that you can find anywhere.

But our Plus 4.0 Downlights? They’re not about that life.

Our collection offers 11 unique forms, including trimless, puck, and cube styles. Each is designed to complement your spaces’ geometry and interior styling, delivering controlled beams that highlight your interiors while maintaining a minimal visual footprint.

Throw in the different CCTs, a variety of beam angles, and hundreds of custom fascia colours (painted to order in Australia), and it’s like a Build-A-Bear Workshop but for downlights.

How to Pair Beam Angles and Downlight Styles Like a Pro

Finally, it’s time for the photo dump. (At least, that’s what we think the kids call it. To us, it just sounds like pictures of, well, let’s not go there. But what do we know? We’re only lighting experts.)

Anyhoo, here’s your cheat sheet for all of our recommended style and beam combinations for optimal lighting performance with Brightgreen’s Plus 4.0 Downlights featuring Tru-Colour® 4.

Trimless Downlights

“Trimless” might sound like we’re describing an Old English Sheepdog getting primped for its next Dulux commercial, but in our world, it means seamless integration and clean aesthetics.

With the ability to be plastered in, the Plus 4.0 Trimless Downlights blend effortlessly with your architecture, offering a sleek and unobtrusive lighting solution. Pair them with any beam—the choice is entirely yours.


Soft Downlights

The Plus 4.0 Soft Downlights have a softly curved surface with a soft falloff of light—we call it extra soft. 

Sadly, they’re not quite as cute and cuddly as a pair of Beanie Kids glued together, but these downlights can be paired with any beam angle. And they’re designed to transition seamlessly into the ceiling, making them ideal for general use.


Medium Narrow

Already buzzing with inspiration but dread the nitty-gritty decision-making? Skip the deep dive and let our lighting gurus bring your vision to life with superior lighting design.

Offset (Wall Washer) Downlights

To the hip-hop heads that love Brightgreen LEDs, no, these aren’t named after the American rapper. But, the Offset Downlights will wash your walls (with light).

Use wall-washing beams to craft a subtle, indirect, low-glare layer of illumination on walls in halls, bedrooms, the peripheries of living rooms, foyers, feature walls, and over artworks. Choosing a configuration with a black inner and white outer further minimises glare, ensuring less squinty eye action.

Wide Wall Wash

Portal Downlights

It may seem tempting because they’re called portal downlights, but you might struggle to jump through these into another dimension.

Use the Plus 4.0 Portal Downlights with tight beams for ultra-low glare in areas prone to such issues, including locations where people are lying down or seated low. Ideal locations include bedrooms (particularly over bedside tables), kitchen benches visible from dining/lounge areas, lounges, hospitality settings, hotels (suites, foyers, lift lobbies), galleries, and above wash basins in bathrooms, kitchens, and wash areas. 

Like the Offset Downlights, opting for a black inner and white outer configuration further minimises glare.


Very Narrow

Sharp Downlights

Don’t fret. These aren’t the type to send you to the emergency room with a paper cut. At least, we hope not.

Use these Plus 4.0 Sharp Downlights with any beam type to achieve a sleek, sharp, angled outer edge. Its 45-degree chamfer creates a crisp highlight that transitions seamlessly into the ceiling, making it ideal for general lighting. And it pairs perfectly with a shaper interior fit-out. 




Flat Downlights

Unlike a soda that has lost its fizz, the Plus 4.0 Flat Downlights are anything but a letdown. 

Use these downlights with any beam to achieve a flush face in line with the ceiling, complemented by a sharp edge that creates a clean look. Like the Portal and Offset Downlights, opting for a black inner and white outer configuration further minimises glare.



Cube Downlights

Ever tried to fit a square peg in a round hole? Do square pegs even exist? No clue. Anyhoo, meet the Plus 4.0 Cube Downlights.

Pair the Cube Downlights with any space for that impeccably square look in square spaces, seamlessly accentuating the linear lines within any room.


Feeling illuminated by all the choices but unsure where to begin? Don’t navigate the lighting design labyrinth alone. Let our lighting legends guide the way.

Slice Downlights

If Edward Scissorhands had a favourite downlight, it would undoubtedly be the Slice. 

Its slim, surface-mounted, curved, and tapered style is designed to draw attention to specific areas. And you can change the appearance or limit glare on one side of an installation with the rounded, tapered design. 

Use the Slice Downlights with a wall-washer beam to illuminate walls by orienting the taper towards the wall for a harmonious look. They are a perfect match above kitchen benches, where you can either direct the taper to wash light into the kitchen or position the higher edge to the front to reduce glare in dining/kitchen areas.

Mix and match orientations or pair with the Puck Downlights for various aesthetic options.

Wide Wall Wash


Medium Narrow

Wedge Downlights

Sadly, these aren’t the kind of wedges you can pair with sour cream and chilli, but they will add some serious flavour to your space. The Wedge Downlights accentuate the linear lines in a space—like the Slice Downlights but with a chunkier, more linear look.

Pair these with our Cube Downlights or Box Downlights for a cohesive look. Arrange them in pairs and groups in 90-degree orientations or quads for 90 and 180-degree orientations.

Wide Wall Wash


Medium Narrow

Puck Downlights

Fancy being reminded of your fantasy hockey league every time you glance at your ceiling? Say less—meet the Puck Downlights. 

With their slim, curved, and uniformly dimensioned style, these downlights are a perfect play for defining areas such as kitchen benches and dining areas or adding a stylish feature to your ceiling to enhance the aesthetics of any space. Deploy them in pairs or quads for a captivating lighting scene.


Medium Narrow

Very Narrow

Box Downlights

Ever noticed how cats have an uncanny knack for fitting into boxes of all sizes? We’re not saying that’s why we created the Box Downlights, but we are suggesting it. 

Following the sleek design of the Puck but boasting a boxy, square look, this slim surface style is the only light designed to complement the vertical linear surfaces of the walls within a space.

Position them accordingly, and it will feel as though they’re cosily nestled within the walls. And just like the Puck, use these in pairs and quads for a perfectly illuminated space. 

Medium Narrow


It’s a Plus. It’s #1. Harness the Power of Lighting Design and Perfect Light Quality Today.

Itching to feature the Plus 4.0 Downlight Collection and Tru-Colour® 4 in your space, but puzzled about kicking things off? Don’t stress—get expert guidance on perfecting your lighting design. Phone a friend (that’s us!) at 1300 672 499, or send us a message to bring your spaces, objects, and emotions to life.