As more houses are getting ‘connected’, homeowners are looking to control everything from their baby monitors to their thermostats remotely. 

To help you identify the lights that will work the best with your home automation system, we have put together a list of key factors to consider:

Make sure the driver is compatible with your system.

The Brightgreen range features lights with drivers that are designed to improve dimming compatibility with home automation systems. Talk to your retailer for help choosing the right Brightgreen lights for your fit-out.

Choose lights that are designed for the Australian electrical grid.

Lights designed overseas for 120V or 220V mains power may perform poorly or fail prematurely on the Australian 240V electric power supply. Brightgreen products are designed to outperform competitors, both in Australia and abroad.

Consistency is key.

Every lighting company has different driver designs, resulting in substantial differences in light performance. Brightgreen LEDs feature similar driver characteristics – ensuring consistency in light quality and dimmer performance.

Choose a light that will go the extra mile.

Brightgreen products feature market-leading efficiency, unrivaled design, and Tru-Colour technology.

To learn more about how our products can enhance your smart home, visit your nearest Brightgreen stockist.